How to kill something with Spike (Vilkas)?

I somehow can’t hit targets. It often just seems to miss. If I hit, it never gives you all kill. It somehow can’t pen Kontakt or inflict enough damage for a kill. Also it won’t attack the top of any tank. At the end it comes down too early and hits front/side armor anyways. Whats the point of the top/down attack pattern?

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With fire and forget there’s not much you can do. The SPIKEs are poorly modelled at the moment, discussed here. All you can do is fire at range and hope for the best. Try to prioritize targets in the open and light vehicles, and it may help to double-fire both at once to increase the chances of a kill.

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use at large distance, never in close quarters

aim for targets that are unaware of your position and aren’t smoked or being attacked which could lead to them throwing smoke

essentially use it as a camper missile in very open maps from afar and preferably while hull down in some camperspot

otherwise they’re useless and you shouldn’t take more than 2 on small maps to prevent the ones stored inside your tank from Ammoracking you

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lol you can’t
obviously this is an exaggeration but they were programmed by monkeys

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Honestly not worth taking the Vilkas at all in small maps in my experience, if you have other options. Even the Gepard is better for CQB.

what you gon do with 40rds of ammo?

I use DM13 much more than DM23, DM23 is only for when DM13 isn’t penning (Merkavas, T-80s, turret rings frontally). Cause yeah 40RPG is only enough for like 2 kills max lol.

Spikes are fire and forget
You fire and it forgets

it’s more fire and pray

Dollar joke

Thats not what I wanted to hear. If this damn launcher would be at least adjustable for these 90% small maps …

It tends to work well when the vehicles are further away, and work really well on light tanks. it also works best in open areas. if there are a lot of trees, hills or other stuff they can go behind it may loose track, but if they are further away the missile seems to go higher for a better angle and increases your chance to hit and kill if they go down a hill to get our of line of sight… I have had a few kills with the spikes on light and mbt’s but its not really consistent since it will randomly choose to hit someplace.