How to grind Su-22M3?

In realistic air, what tactics do you suggest? Lately been trying to spade it and if I try to bomb bases I can’t make it to any (like 25% success rate to make it to a base before dying, no this isnt my fault either, teammates are faster and games end before respawn)

If I play air to air… it’s just a pretty dogshit air to air jet lol.


Shoot pillboxes / trucks / light tanks / SPAA.

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I wouldn’t bother in Air RB, ground RB is your best bet if you have the lineup to go with it.

Unlock the Kh-23M’s in Air and the rest of the modifications as CAS in ground.

I don’t

Play sim and focus on bases. Easy money/RP. Play matches with minimal players so you can make it to the different targets

It has R-60M now, so it should be good for head-ons, especially since it doesn’t meet such stuff as F-16 and etc.


The Su-22 is in its best state to fight players with. Going with the classic last-second-head-on R-60M can net you consistent kills if you don’t want to sweat while dogfighting without performance upgrades.

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I’m an Arcade player and I never played jets, but during the event (because of unfair multipliers) I decided to play Air Realistic. Surprisingly I can complete the event quicker in Air Realistic, even as a newbie in this mode and jets.

I tried a few planes, and from all planes I tried, the Su-22M3 is far the easiest one to play. I had great experience in this plane.

If you want to check how these battles looked like from a newbie perspective, here are 3 best battles I had in this plane:


From my little experience, the Su-22M3 is far the easiest to play plane I tried so far and I had many good results with it. Progressing in the event was pretty easy in this plane.

My ‘tactics’ was simple. Just take 6x R-60MK + 6x 500kg bombs (I focused to research bombs first, then missiles), take off, follow teammates, if you can bomb bases or drop bombs on units before enemies go for you just do that. If not, then head-on enemies (when you research R-60MK, but it doesn’t take long), but don’t really turnfight them. If they pass you after a head-on, just go straight, the Su-22M3 is surprisingly fast, even without modifications. If this worked for me, as a newbie, it should work for you as well.

So for me it’s more about reading the situation on the map and forcing as many head-ons as you can. You are in advantage with the R-60MK, they are so easy to use. I never used so powerful missiles before. I think the big part of the strength of this plane is its BR. At 10.7 you much more often face 10.0 than 11.7. I absolutely love this plane, and I will definitely use it again during the next air event.


A lot of times there are no lobbies

Most people flare the R-60Ms in head ons

Avoid unwinable fights.
Jump players who are 1v1 ing.
The more time you spend in the air the more rp you get (even if you almost did nothing).

If there are 9.3-10.3 is grate
Because you can chose betven being a fighter whit r60mks or a bomber whit the good bombs

+In 10.3 you cant face f4-s and mig21-s

2 rotations out of 4 (so 4 days out of 8) are 10.3 max. BR, and in my experience that’s a very popular BR in Sim EC. I’d expect the aircraft to perform also quite well in the 10.7 rotations, giving you another 2 days, so you find lobbies in 3/4 of all days. I doubt one lacks lobbies to fly that aircraft…

I haven’t flown the 22M3 yet in Sim, but I’d guess it’s a good base bomber there (4x incendiary bombs, CCIP/CCRP) and can also defend itself well (up to 6x all aspect R-60MK).

If you grind it, I’d maybe actually focus on the incendiary bombs first, as this will allow you to grind efficiently purely by attacking bases…

I had the same question, as it is really hard to get a good amount if any points in a subsonic high tier jet. Someone made the suggestion to try out SB as you can land and get more bombs and go up and base bomb again. You can make a good amount of sp to spade it there and the game play is slower. It can last hours for just one game. You are locked to first person and you dont get any base markers except on the map, but the only way for people to find you is radar. They know people are heading to the base’s but fly low and slow and try to hide from radar.

At one point i killed 6 ground targets and a base i think i made around 4,000 to 6,000 sp just for that. it was really relaxing game play to be honest.

Create you own lobby mate, better when 10.3 is top. You have high chances to get people since in 10 there are a10 and su25k.

You can also try realistic, flying around, if your team is winning you can attack ground if losing you can try bomb and run

Also you can attack ai planes. 4x500 bombs should work for max speed

Can’t really, too slow when I bomb unless I just play pure fighter, I can go fast then but it’s not a good fighter.

I checked when posting this thread and there was a single possible lobby to join and it was dead

Don’t you have to wait for ppl to join? I’ve tried it before and it always seemed to take forever

What server regions do you have selected?