How to ez identify bot/scripted prop bombers in Air RB to report them

Some of us have noticed a lot of bombers with quite unusual flight patterns and report them via the server replay. I do this quite often, but sometimes it takes ages to get them banned. You meet the same guys for a week and you try to report them again, but exactly in this match the bot suspect behaves normally.

So it looks like that some guys use scripts most of the time, but sometimes they fly like everybody else. In order to be sure that you report actual bots you might consider 2 main factors:

  1. Flight pattern and flight path
  2. Use of players view during the match

The standard bot dives straight to a base and drops his payload. Some of them will fly straight until they get shot down or reach the map border. After they cross the border they fly straight to the main airfield in order to get shot down by af aaa (B-25s + T-18Bs). Other scripts (like Ju 288s) save the detour, so they bomb and fly then directly to the main enemy airfield. Of course low in order to get killed.

The other indicator (besides 24/7 usage) which could be identified by gaijin itself (with smart analysis) is the number of view switches within a match. Most scripts (if you check the actual replay) shows virtual cockpit view the whole match - with 2 exceptions: Initial bomb drop and when they made it to the enemy airfield. In both cases they switch to bombardier view, despite they drop their whole payload on their initial base (so they are “empty”) so switching the 2nd time makes no sense at all.

Hope this helps some of you to identify actual bots in case you are not sure!

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Writing about bots in this forum is a bit of a misunderstanding. I’ve already been silenced for 2 days for bringing up the topic. Topics disappear from the forum. And at most we will get writing/viewing restrictions because it’s their favorite method of covering up the facts.

Seriously, there’s no point in talking about it here, leave feedback on steam, other forums, platforms, but never on official ones because they’ll just mute you.

Thx man, but tbh it was just a matter of observations - visible for everyone.

I mean i report them because it is simply sad to see the majority of players try to play the game - and to win the match - and others try to use the game mode for nonsense.

Especially if they exclude highly capable planes like the T-18B from the battle. They rob a “real” player slot who can make the difference in tight matches.

And from my pov those bots/scripts influence the outcome of some matches otherwise - even if you identify a bot right after spawning and you ask your team to ignore them, you see quite often 3 to 5 own fighters giving up altitude and tail chase them to the bitter end - not uncommon - get actually shot down by ai gunners or get crit.
I saw last year a F4U and a Spit killed by ai gunners (“player” was in virtual cockpit mode) by a Ju 288 20mm turret - whilst peppered by af aaa.

At least in the initial positioning phase of prop matches they lure rookie pilots low and make the job for the rest of their teams much harder.

Just make people fill out a captcha to start a game.

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Thx for sharing your experience - and sorry to hear that.

My goal was purely aimed to support fellow players in case the might come across suspicious planes. In addition it might reduce the number of invalid reporting, based on my pov i have neither blamed gaijin for this, nor discussed suspect or forbidden practices.

I see mods, TMs and GMs as players like you and me, passionate and strongly connected to the game - they are doing their job as volunteers in order to make things better.
From a holistic pov everything in this forum can be deleted without reason, i accepted this with registering here.
I saw many times that they distinguish between attempts to help and intentional violations of rules, so i hope for the best.

Nice idea, this would also prevent these afk spawns. I killed dozens of xp50s at 7-8000 meters - afk climbing. Or bombed the 2nd last player sitting at the main af with 0 points for the whole match.

Why report when they’re listed? Leaderboard - Community - War Thunder

Some people keep lists of the 24/7 zombies they report. To my knowledge none of the players on those lists have ever made one of the ban lists since those reappeared at the start of this year on the old forum (we’re overdue for a new one, speaking of which). You might want to try that yourself, see if it ever has the desired effect.

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Actually i have the illusion that one or two suspicious T-18Bs vanished - after meeting them daily 3 weeks ago, i do not see them anymore.

I have had enough lists for decades irl, i won’t repeat this for wt.

Actually i remember your outstanding thread aimed to honor extremely passionate and dedicated players willing to sacrifice everything for the team success as unsung heroes of wt - one of best posts i read last year…

I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe… All those old forum posts, lost in time… tumblr_nks4zibxey1qg4blro7_500


Bots in War Thunder? You must be mistaken :D

If you suspect someone of cheating report them using the server replay function. Otherwise it against forum rules to discuss cheating.

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Topic Locked

3.11. Users are not allowed to discuss the possibilities and methods of causing damage or losses to the Games, Administration, Website Managers, and other Users, including cheat programs, “bot” automation programs, ways to modify the client of the Games, vulnerabilities in the client and server parts of the Games, offering advantages in gameplay, and any other circumventing methods prohibited, directly or indirectly, by Gaijin EULA.

As jd_hog77 said, the forum isn’t the place to discuss such topic.
If you find a suspicious behavior in game, please use the server replay website to use the report tool, so a Game Master can investigate.