How to enjoy Air RB at higher BRs?

Spawn in, airfield chaos, teamkills, people crashing, 5 minutes of AFK flying because the map is a 100km for some reason, 2 minute missile spam and the game is pretty much over.

There are planes everywhere, you turn for a moment and you get blasted by a missile from nowhere, you get within a few km of an A-10 or Su and you’re dead, you fly high and there’s a radar missile and you’re dead.

And why do we need to spawn on the airfield every time? Taking off every single game is such a boring and repetitive thing when games are this short, the majority of the match is just getting to the combat area and hoping your team doesn’t self sabotage.
If we can get an airspawn and a minute of FF protection a bunch of the nonsense is at least reduced.

The only way it’s even bearable is to do figure out things to do on the side whilst flying somewhere for those 5 minutes to distract from the monotony… like making this post.


Match lasted less than 6 minutes


Took over 3 minutes for first contact… majority of the game was just flying towards each other to have 2 minutes of combat, not even counting queue time, loading time and spawn time.


Rewards are garbage as well since it’s time based.

How is this the standard?

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Finally someone else who thinks taking off is not needed. It adds nothing to the experience and it only makes the games more boring.

There’s also only one airfield which makes everyone clump together and make the furball even worse. It also doesn’t help that the balance and compression is atrocious. A 9.3 jet can face the first MiG-15s or Sabres, while also facing A-10s, Su-25s, and F-5Cs.

A lot of the bad about high tier air could be solved with the removal of 16v16(to make the max 12v12 or 10v10), and a bunch of decompression above 8.0.

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Finally someone else who thinks taking off is not needed. It adds nothing to the experience and it only makes the games more boring.

The only fun thing is a Harrier try to do VTOL and crashing 5 seconds later, beyond that I see zero value being added by this, it just slows the game down artificially, as well as 100km maps because that is fun somehow when it’s the exact same outcome but just delayed by a few more minutes.

Tying rewards to match duration is complete garbage though, you can do literally nothing and get more RP in a long game than dominating a short game.

doesn’t help that the balance and compression is atrocious

Gaijin said decompression wasn’t necessary, because they’re completely detached from reality, delusional or outright lying, which they do a lot.

Fighting things without flares is just miserable, I’m playing the T-2 and without flares you just cannot get near these guys, but if you fly high you get mauled by Mig 21s, and those two planes make up the majority of the game half the time.

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How to enjoy the upper and top tier ARB matches?

That’s the neat part; You don’t!


It’s sad but higher tiers simply don’t work in Air RB, considering that thing is a broken mess from start to finish.

Match starts, everyone is taking off and more often than not, one or multiple players will get killed or die to his own hand, thus introducing unbalances from the get go.
Your team can also consist mostly of strike aircraft which will get curb stomped, leaving friendly fighters in a godawful situation.

Base bombing is in shambles, most fighters can be multi role and thus taking away bases from dedicated strike aircraft, which further reduces their usability. Also, there’s not enough bases/HP to cater to more than a dozen players.

Bigger maps are a decent idea, but all of it goes to crap if you still put bases/AI targets in a small portion of the map, leaving 70% of it completely empty. No wonder people will flock to the same old, predetermined area where AI units are tightly bunched up.

Last but not least, thinking that placing flare-less planes in the same lobbies with all-aspect 30G missiles is acceptable balance is beyond me.
In my opinion, current higher tier ARB should be deleted completely and then reworked from the ground up, adding even newer planes to this mess will only make it worse (if that’s even possible).


reworked from the ground up

Gaijin doesn’t have an ounce of creativity or care about the game beyond milking it however, they havent reworking anything ever and we’re stuck with a plethora of old crusty systems from a decade ago that never got fixed… the crew system even pre-dates ground forces for gods sake.

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Honest and legtimate answer, because this is exactly what I did.

Don’t play ARB. Its designed for WW2 props and maybe early jets. Its not designed for anything higher. I would seriously recommend getting into SB. It has its faults, but at least you can actually fly your jets “properly”


Sim seems like it has a learning curve though, and a high skill ceiling with a ton of sweaty people.

Yeah, there is, only learning curve larger is playing British Tanks. But its worth it. Took me about 3 months before I started to get the hang of it. Never looked back

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You dont

Yeah, them not reworking the game modes after a decade is actually sad, but I guess they’re looking at their sales thinking everything is more than fine, which is not so far fetched seeing so many premiums in every single game.

That’s the problem, if the playerbase stop buying premiums and publicly revolt I’m sure Gaijin would react almost instantly and do some changes, considering that would seriously endanger their holy grail, profits.
As sad as it might seem, we players are actually the “enablers”.


I doubt playing tanks that get stabilization crutch that early is all that hard.

I think the issue is that they have a good influx of new players, I think their business model is to ignore the long term veterans who want change and are bored of the stagnation and just get in new players who will enjoy the game for a while and are more easily convinced to spend some money.

They made sure to cater as much as possible to the new player, offering them everything possible to succeed. Game modes are blunt because of that, Gaijin had to make maps/modes that will hide the lack of skill and experience the most, so new players will have an easier time getting something done in their 70€ premiums.
This behavior will continue and by the time those new players figure out something is wrong, they’ve already given Gaijin who knows how much money.

I think this issue is hardly solvable without yet another review bombing campaign, since there’s no reason for Gaijin to change something that’s clearly working, at least monetary speaking.


Yeah, they’ll buy their $70 premium, play the game, realize that even with a premium account and a premium vehicle progress is painfully slow, maybe spend more money, maybe leave the game… those who do keep playing eventually start seeing all the flaws and issues that have persisted for a decade and either leave or try to get things to change.

But Gaijin isn’t interested in a good game or a fun game, it’s just money and they get that from new and naive players.

How do you enjoy playing air at all in this game? I can play 20-30 matches of ground rb a day and have fun doing it, but 2-3 matches of air and I am bored out of my mind.


Im the exact same with Ground. I play one match of ground, get bored out of my mind with how badly balanced it is and how badly designed the maps are, and go back to playing air.

I think its just a matter of playstyle

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I don’t really enjoy air, but at higher BRs it’s just 5 minutes of nothing for 2 minutes of 30 planes throwing missiles around, whichever said that suffers less from BR compression wins.


Yeah, I guess so. It’s quite funny, cause I find air to be incredibly unbalanced.