How to change store currency?


My currency has been changed to USD. I don’t want to use that as my card will be charged extra for dollar exchange. Just 2 days ago, I was able to pay in my local currency.


As far as i am aware, it gives you the currency based on your location. If you used a vpn or something to move your ip to the US, it would give you USD

If i use vpn to move my ip to the Russia, he change?

No. And your account might be banned.

Yes, a vpn moving your ip to Russia would change your store to rubles.

As the other guy stated, you could get banned.

Just a question on the opposite direction. I move around the globe all the time due to my job nature. Sometimes I could stay there for weeks. Is there a way to prevent the store location from switching or must I get back to my home town in order to buy something?
Will I get banned for paying my home town currency whilst inside another country?

There is nothing stopping you from buying things while in another country, except places like Japan. You will just have to use whatever currency they use there.

If your in Europe, you would pay as normal but it would convert your USD to Euro, there is usually a fee that your bank adds for this.

You wouldnt get banned for using your card to buy stuff while in another country. It is the vpn part thats scetchy

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Please contact with our support via ticket:

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