How soon can I get a top tier tank with 20 days premium?

I researched up to is-1 now. With 20 days of premium, how many tier do you think I will rise to and I also have a silver lion problem but I don’t like to play base bombing.

Add the experience you need in a straight line to the desired tank. In each tank’s card you can see the experience needed. Then add the extra tanks of each tier, it does not let you move to the next tier until you have Xx tanks. Then you divide it by the average experience you usually get.

Although keep in mind that you will gain less and less experience by going from stock or your lack of knowledge in higher levels. Not to mention the SL

In 20 days I don’t think you’ll get more than a t54 and little more.

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I would recommend you to buy a premium vehicle instead of premium time


“Speed Grinding” to top tier has so many drawbacks/cons and so few benefits/pros that I would not recommend it at all. There is a WHOLE LOTTA game in there that you simply will miss, besides not learning how to play well, how the game works, and you still have/need to work you crew skills up before you get to high tier anyway. Taking your time, spading your new vehicles as you go(which gives research bonuses for every tier you finish off in the modifications window) and earning/saving SL’s all along the way(you will need them later to buy the more expensive vehicles/mods) will help you a lot more than rushing to something you prolly will struggle with for a good while. “Haste makes waste” . . it’s an old saying for a reason . . it still holds true. Not to mention playing just one nation means you miss out on 90% of the game or so . . . like going to the movies and just catching the last 10 mins . . . waste of time and it ruins the whole thing. Playing other nations, even if not all of them, teaches you how the vehicles work, which will really help you fight them. I understand in this world of FOMO, OMG! OMG! gotta have it!!! that preaching about patience may not sound “cool”, but in the long run . . . I feel a player will end up being much happier playing WT. The game is designed NOT to allow players to rush to top tiers easily . . that is the “progression design”. You can go against it, but it is much like ramming your head thru a brick wall . . . you may eventually get thru, but all you have is a busted wall & a headache . . . just to get to the same place you would get to by using the door. Take your time, enjoy the ride . . . it’s the journey, not the destination . . .


Dude I know it doesn’t seem like it but that BR you currently are at is the most fun in my opinion. I have a lot of top tier vehicles but still go back to 3.7 to have fun. Dont rush it man you will lose your mind, the grind is far to bad.


I agree 3.7-4.7 is one of the most fun BR

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What LeChance said, OP. My advice would be to not do it. You will regret it.

Every BR is competitive. The idea that if you get to a higher BR you’ll start to have fun, is an illusion to sell you stuff. Play the game, learn it, and progress organically.

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No way of knowing, if you play 2h a day or 10h a day is going to drastically change the outcome.
Do the math yourself.

You’ll never be satisfied if you only play for top tier.

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10h of wt would make you lose your sanity