How should I turn off the ballistic computer permanently?

From my point of view this automatic ballistic computer is absolutely the second worst design in War Thunder ARB (the worst is 4 Ju-288s in a 6v6 match). Gaijin should at leat give me an option to permanently shut it down, because every time I lock an enemy at close range with IRST in case I can launch a missile,I find it impossible for me to aim with my cannon at the same time due to this stupid ballistic computer. Does anyone know how to shut this thing down? Do I need to find a lizard to write a hack which can do this job?


there is a keybind to turn it on and off, however it is on always in the virtual cockpit due to some weird glitch gaijin implemented where you had to turn on CCIP for the cannon on ground function on HUD systems to work, they worked fine before but then they broke a thing and added a dumb fix

I still don’t get it…My problem.
So, how should I turn it off?

At least, when I fly Mig29 it says the ballistic computer is on “automatic” mode and it’s turned on within 2km range, as long as my radar or src ir locks the target.

There’s a keybind called Cannon CCIP. Add a keybind for that then you can manually turn it off or on.

it seems with cannon ccip off the mig29 still automatically turns it on

must be a bug then

I had the same issue in F4J. Gun sight turns on automatically for some reason

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I think we need to issue this then.

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You can use weapon selector if that helps

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nah this is not weapon selector problem


Just a thought of turning off said weapon or bind missils and guns differently, or even selecting primary weapon via selector ii dont even know what your flying

You aren’t talking about the ballistics computer, it’s the EEGS (Enhanced Envelop Gun Sight), which is automatic when you have a RADAR/IRST lock at close range. Just don’t lock targets with your RADAR within close range unless you intend to use it, there’s no point to it, you can lock R-73s with the HMD just as easily.

Its absolutely the ballistics computer.

It basically turns on automatically when pressing your “enemy tracking” button, regardless if you have it turned on or off.

Hell you can press your keybind where you turn on or off your Ballistics Computer whilst using tracking camera and it will still not turn off.

Seems to be a bug since the Air superiority update.

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Hence why it’s not the ballistics computer, it’s EEGS. They are two seperate systems that do two different (but somewhat visually similar) things. Ballistics just shows where your rounds will land on the grounds, EEGS shows you where your rounds will land on a locked target.


You misunderstood, the reticle that appears is indeed the ballistic Computer, because it appears on planes that have a ballistic computer but dont have EEGS, or a proper radar even, like the J7E.

By locked i dont mean radar lock, but the target selection you do ingame, as in you press X and it selects an enemy, an AI plane or a ground unit you are looking at (it highlights them with a dashed transparent circle.)

Trying to use the tracking camera on a selected target, whenever your reticle is pointing near the ground will activate the ballistic computer reticle, regardless if its off or on.

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So, to be clear, the steps are:

  1. Cannon CCIP off
  2. Target lock the selected opponent
  3. Use tracking camera on a target low to the ground

And then CCIP appears? Because if so, I cannot replicate this, at least on PC.

If you can, with picture proof, post it on Community Bug Reporting System.

It seems a console only issue, ill try to upload a video if possible. Thanks for the link

This is the link to the ticket made in the issues page. For if you want to see the video proof.


you will find it an issue if your fighter carries r60m, which is usually launched within 1km or even 0.5km (due to it large as fxxk fov). with eegs or ballistic computer or whatever it is, it’s now difficult if not impossible to switch from r60m to cannon when it’s needed