How often to people get banned for cheating?

I make reports all the time when something just seems WAY too egregious to be legit. However I just had the worst one I’ve ever had occur and I’m just curious how often the reports of the replays are looked at and how often people actually get banned?

I had a guy just follow my position through infrared smoke and engine smoke so his gun and 3rd person camera were of no use. Followed me completely from where I was on the hill after killing his buddy, to 30ft right and down a hill 10 feet to to perfectly shoot me through the tank while blind as a bat. While we’re roughly 200ft apart in the first place.

So this makes me curious how often it’s followed up on.

There is a bug that hasn’t been fixed yet. It makes smoke a last ditch effort. When you get hit and pop smoke the sparks from where you were hit can be seen through the smoke. And sometimes people are just really good at guessing where you went. Also, I don’t know if you were or not, but shooting your machine guns will give you away. And smoke is some what of a danger to whoever popped it because it blinds the individual that deployed it while anyone that is a ways off has a huge advantage of being able to see through the thinner smoke on the edges of the cloud which I have been killed and have killed many many times because of this.

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Of course; I understand that.

To paint a better picture, he had a building to his left, covered by smoke, 150-200ft away I popped smoke and then used that to obscure the line of sight 2 ways incase theirs went away. Then while he was still blocked by his(or his partners) engine smoke and IR smoke I used this time to reposition about 20-30ft to my right and down a hill. No machine guns fired, no popping a smoke where I stuck to use the sparks to hit me.

I popped a smoke for a second LOS obfuscation and then repositioned 30ft right and down a hill as I said. THEN, about maybe 5 seconds later through smoke after I’ve moved to my new position and waiting for his smoke to clear, he turns his gun and smacks me.

It’s the hardest one I’ve seen yet that I simply can’t by any inch of the replays find a single way he could have known or seen through the smoke to know how to hit me at my new spot dead center without anywhere in the smoke being broken where even I still couldn’t see his tank. It makes no sense. Seems to unrealistic that through gunshot sounds, miniguns hitting his tanks, him moving and me being 200ft away he was able to pinpoint my tank through the smoke and not even just left or right, but he had to go down, and the perfect midpoint of the tank.

Smells fishy.

That’s strange. Maybe that guy suffers from extreme sixth sense.

But on a serious note what br is it?

11.0 or at least I am, it was Swedish t80 and he was Soviet t90s.

oh wow. I can’t say much then. I rarely play that br.

something to say is that in order to report cheating it has to be done through the Replay system instead of through hitting complain on the user, otherwise it doesn’t provide the right info for the employees trying to figure out if a ban is justified or not.

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This here is solid… You HAVE to check that server side replay, not just yours. And you’ve GOT to check it from thier end and where they seen/aimed from.

Many times the hitcam and the killcam are inaccurate, and in many situations it’s misleading as often the ‘origin’ of the shot is taken from where the vehicle is currently, so if it rolled back, or forward, the shell angle won’t deviate and it will appear to clip through things.

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Yeah I did complain in game, but before posting this topic I went and looked up if I was reporting the correct way. Seems I was not, so then I went in to the replay and complained about it with a time stamp of when it happened. I assume I did that correct based on the reporting procedure I saw when searching Google.

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How do I check server side replay? This is new to me. I just went into the replay after game and watched it and see no difference. I’m not going off the in-game replay. I was baffled in game, how it happened and when looking at after action replay I STILL can’t explain it.

Under Community is ‘replays’ (Client side), and ‘Streams and Replays’ (Server side).

When you find your match in there, you can view it, and it’ll say to tab back to your game and it’ll bring it up.

This will show where everyone is, not just where your client thought they were. (There’ll be no disapearing vehicles, it’ll be constantly on for all so you can fully see where and what people are looking at)

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Thank you very much, I will go check that now. Is that where I should report from too if I see the same thing still?

Yea, just also play about with it too, use the ; key to make it look through their view, and see what they are looking at and what they are picking up on.

I watch for antenna and even exhaust smoke to track where people are.

Even trees being knocked over are a real giveaway that people don’t notice at times.

The server replays are a valuable thing to watch to see how you’ve messed up, and what others see to pick up on. It’ll even show if you’ve been scouted by flashing the red marker over you.

They make a post like this every month:

Staff are very busy, as long as reports are made correctly, they will get looked at…

As FlyingDoctor pointed out, it might be best to first check the Server replay to see what is really going on

The Replay Feature on the main page is where Reports should be made if there is someone being a suspect cheater Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

And as others have pointed out, at times something may just be a bug, so unless it is a big game breaking bug that is being exploited, then no actions may be taken on some by Staff

It may take Staff a bit of time to get to your report as well, so even if a suspect has not been acted on right away, Staff will eventually get around to it

If there is a more serious Exploit and or Cheater suspect, then you could PM Game Masters and let them know in Game or on the Forum

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That is some serious stuff I have learned today and will put into practice. I very much appreciate the help and knowledge my dude!

Okay, so I see exactly what went wrong. It wasn’t cheating, and the server side showed the difference. The difference that doesnt show on my replay side. On my side both smokes are still up confirming he was cheating.

HOWEVER, on server side…

I was in t80u, so no thermal. Right around the time I roll from my position to the next behind a building, and then come back out. The IR smoke fades and engine smoke is still up. He pops on thermals and sees me clear as day, obviously. I couldn’t tell a difference in the moment so I saw smoke and thought it was still a mix of IR and engine when it was only engine smoke. In my replay it shows the same thing too, as both IR and engine, but in server it only shows the one.

So I was wrong and case closed. Should I delete this thread or mods lock it?


Yup, as I learned right now to see server side I learned a new way to double check before submitting reports. I was indeed wrong and will now clutter reports less often from now on that I know how to check server side… and finally that server side replays was even a thing to begin with. So the thread wasn’t a total loss for me lol

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The thread will die down, good to see you got some reasoning as to why things happened, and it’s a good thing to put out from the rest of us ;)

Good luck out there on the field :)