How many people like planes are in tank mode

  • Yes, I like, it must be
  • No, don’t like, it mustn’t be
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Unfortunately, this survey only covers the typical “black and white” thinking of many.
I rather think that the aircraft are an enrichment for ground combat but are NOT absolutely necessary.
The most controversial point is certainly the exorbitant payloads that are sometimes possible and thus create a strong imbalance.
Good players will use a fighter or SPAA at the right moment, other players prefer to surrender to their self-inflicted “powerlessness” and hope that others will sort it out for them …

Oh damn … >> just in case … flag me (don’t even dare to think about it Eddie :-P)


Love it. They just need to make it harder to spawn in them, like increase sp requirement for example.

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More planes, more!


Oh look, the 300th thread about people that cope about planes in a combined air and ground mode lmao


PvE Ground is a royal pain, lack of AI planes bombing might help but will still be a painful mode.

Correct tags help.

Only thing is that the mode is called “Ground Battle” not “Air and Ground Battle” and that there is no dedicated ground mode available. It would be interesting to see how players would split up if both modes would exist.


Read the description, not only the title


Doesnt change much if the name doesnt fit the game…


Why? “Ground” doesn’t mean just tanks, it means the battlefield and all available vehicles.

Thats a matter of perspective. If i have a game that tells me we have ground, air and naval vehicles and we have a ground, air and navy mode that indicates that the modes only include this. I was honestly suprised when i first found out that ground in reality means combined arms ground.

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Where? Look:

Ground Vehlcle Realistic Battles Is a mode that includes both ground vehicles and aviation.

I showed you that the mode description describes what they mean. Like naval battles don’t mean ships, for example.
You only read the title and made wrong conclusions.


There are ground and naval AI units in air modes. There are air units in naval battles. Ground would be the outlier if it only had ground vehicles.

Ground Tank Only Mode is a mode that only has Ground vehicles.

That would be the definition of the GRB TO if it came is so what?

The style of game play for GRB would be different for as would the tactical options and initial vehicle selection.

To be in a shootout with other tanks, hull down having fun and not have it all ruined by a casual plane with a low skill lazy player would be something you would get only in that mode.

That in itself would adda new and exciting element to the game.
The way the player base approach it would make it different and worthwhile.

There is off course a chance that it might become different in a bad way but its all speculation until we try it.

I wish I had a pound for every time I heard “War Thunder would kill World of tanks of it wasn’t for those damn planes”

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How did you miss the main selling point of this game, combined battles? It’s literally the thing Gaijin is advertising to attract gamers to play WT…

I’ve never heard this one…


Oooh, bad players on bad planes don’t let me stand in the bushes. Lazy players, bad players, skill issue!


Again in English please

Simple. I wanted to drive tanks, so looked up the only 2 games that had it, found out realistic ground battle exist here that i prefer, thats it. The first few missions dont even have any planes because they are bot games. So i was suprised that planes exist.

Concealing a tank to suprise enemies is the whole point of ground vehicles. Its a constant strugle for taking and keeping control over terretories to prevent being outflanked. Thats also why so many matches turn badly because many players either ignore area control or lack the awareness that they are on the outer edge of the flank. If tank battle where about shooting it out we could as well just make perfectly flat maps.
Aircraft actively deny these strategies to take place by easily picking vehicles in cover off. Since the game is not truely combined arms you dont have AA ready all of the time to prevent them from doing so (and most AA is just horribly bad).

I think the reality is that Tank only battle would get in so many players that combined battle would just die out because ppl that like spawning planes would be the only ones left.


Cool. Maybe I’m not good at English, but all you could do was point out the grammar?
You’re funny

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Yes, i would like to at least have the Option play True Ground Only mode(s). I would be happy if they just nerfed planes, heavily tho (at least doubled their SP cost , or limit it to one plan spawn , per battle, per person and greatly reduced their dmg, in All aspects [ guns, bombs, etc] )

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