How long will it take to get the Mig-29

I bought the p63 for the Russian tech tree, that’s what I’ll be using for the grind. I average maybe one kill per game. I don’t have any other planes. It’ll be from reserve all the way to top tier

Ages,cause the P-63 will have penalty researching anything two ranks above itself and higher, and the penalty will grow more with the next ranks.

Obviously it’d be better of using stock planes at some point but how long is ages

Depending on which lines you chose to research it depends.
You need at least around 3.500.000 Research Points to unlock Rank VIII
Then you need another 400.000 RP to research the MiG-29

Also you can only effectively research until Tier IV with the P-63
Starting with Tier V you need to switch to Techtree Planes, because the P-63 loses research efficiency above Tier IV

So look up how many Researchpoints you get per Battle (Probably around 1500-5000 average depending on your skill) and divide the 3.9 Million needed RP by it (If you get 2.000 RP per Battle that would be around 1950 Battles, which in Air RB including waiting for battle and so on would total to around 290-300 Hours)

It is not that bad to switch from the P63 to a Techtree Tier V Plane by the way, because they make arouuund the same RP as the P63 does. So don’t worry.