How long we're gonna be harassed by 292?

This thing has to go up and it needs to go up ASAP
So how long?

I refuse to think Gaijin is so incompetent - this was clearly deliberate
Why even bother investing so much in balance when menace like this is something acceptable
Yesterday I’ve shot it 5 times, 2 times in the side, and it killed me 3 times. The same vehicle.
There is a reason this is 80 bucks on the market. I would call it pay to win, is this something you want to be known for? Get this thing away from my 9.3

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My 9.3 one shots it, why arent you shooting the lower front plate, drivers hatch, or autoloader on the side?


I’ve been killing it easily in my ztz-88b although I do agree it need to go up a little bit , teams are already horrendous in that br range it is too saturated by premium stuff


because that isn’t an easy shot meanwhile the 292 can shoot any tank just about anywhere

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Actual skill issue.

The spam is dying down now which is good. I dont really see any more teams of 50% 292s.


If he has troubles killing 292 in his 9.3, I don’t know how he was able to kill the T-72B especially the 89 version.

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It was a totally new type of tank, that has some huge downsides. It isn’t going to be clearly obvious what BR it should be without testing it ingame, and gathering data. It will probably move up next BR changes. 10.0 was an acceptable starting BR, but it would probably go to 10.3 next BR changes.


Where are you shooting it in the side?

Just because something is possible doesn’t mean crap. Best tanks in the game could be neutralized by 9.3 tank darts. We all know where to shoot, right? You could put SEP V2 at same BR using same reasoning.
Whenever those things get downtiered they are the menace, racking up kills left and right. It reminds me of old IS-7 situations, it’s like the miniboss. If this isn’t a clear sign that tank needs an uptier idk what is.

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Shoot the same spot that would kill the T-72 obr. 1989 then you will kill the 292, but if you are in a 9.3 the T-72’s 3BM42 will kill you just as easily as the 292 would, except it will kill you even faster due to the reload time. If you talk about the 292 guns then I would agree, but the overall survivability compared to the other 10.0s mainly the T-72? nope, if anything they are nearly identical, I’ve been killed by M48 Super and CV90105 and rarely bounce a hit from them, if I don’t die it was mostly breech/barrel repair simulator, if you have no problem killing me in my T-72B then you will kill the 292 the same. But yeah, the OHKO power from the 292 is obvious compare to 125mm.

Personally fighting the 292 isn’t too bad in my experience. If you find it frustrating to fight the 292 then I’d recommend taking breaks in between games as a bit of a way to just let the pressure ease off so it doesn’t overload. that’s just my 2 cents on the matter though. c:

Well yes. It took 750k score to grind out the coupon so not that many people got it. Basic economics you know? Supply/demand…

Just come back to midtiers and have some fun like the rest of us. Gaijin won’t move a finger until people vote with their time and wallet. So if you continue to play this rank, that’s your problem. Simple as.


He said he had side shots. If you cant take out a 3 man russian mbt with 2 side shots, skill issue. Frontally is a different story but side shots should be an easy kill.

Leopard 1a1 dm23 yhmmmmmmm XD

Gaijin decided to put russian teams on both sides now.
90% of the 10.3 games were mixed with russians on both teams…

I love it when people tell others where to shoot a tank and how easy it is to kill it…in the hangar that is very easy indeed. However, when in a match and I see only parts of the tank or it is moving fast, then it is a quick reaction shot and not a prep-lanned, pre-analyzed shot.

In many cases you will disable the Object 292…as in immobilize it, because you took out the driver or the engine or the track, while the single return shot while you reload will kill you.

This thing has no business at 10.0, it is at least a 10.7, if not a 11.0.


I see it going to 10.3 where it probably should be. 11.0 would be too high. Gaijin has a long history of undertiering event vehicles none of this is surprising to me.


Funny how these undertiered tanks appear to be mostly russian around this BR…

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At least they didnt undertier the 292 like they did with the ebr.

Or the BMP-2M…yeah.

I think the Object 292 spam will die down eventually…as soon as people have it spaded and notice that it’s not a premium.

I have not unlocked high-rank yet but here is my personal comment:
It will continue harrasing players until people start getting bored of it. same situation as TOG II in rank 3-4. I was getting trolled EVERY DAY until people decided it was boring.

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