How is this in ANY way acceptable, Gaijin?

Half of these “People”, were dead and out of the match within 2 minutes, and the enemy team still had pretty much ALL of their team left. The amount of tanks in someone’s lineup NEEDS to be taken into consideration when matchmaking, there is simply no other solution to this problem. Giving backups is not enough unless the backups can be purchased with SL or attained in some other, more reasonable fashion. It is simply not okay.


Backups are useless. I have hundreds of them, never to be used.

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Just came out of a 9.3 match where 3/4 of the team was ODL after 3min … this is toptier? Why should somebody would like to play that?

This happens after you go above 8.0.
You’re constantly experiencing premium spam from users playing stuff like T-55AM-1/Leo/XM-1/TURMS/2A4/KVT/Wolfpack so your best chances of having a good match is to somehow get lucky and have a lobby with as little premium spammers as possible.

This is one of the reasons people complain about top tier US being absolute crap to play with, since US is the only major nation with a 11.3 premium, so it basically invites a large amount of level 0 premium spammers directly to US and nowhere else, creating huge skill disparities.


And all this makes fun? Seems I’m getting old …

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Fun can be had if you like curb stomping wallet warriors that have absolutely zero experience.
Other than that it can and will turn into a shitshow pretty often, and Gaijin is totally fine with it because of money.

I guess you can ruin the entire tiers if you have some cash to throw at their way.


At a certain point, this will no longer work. I hope they have a plan B. Regaining lost trust is a mammoth task.
I’m putting together my only rank 8 tank for the BP and then that’s it with “top tier”.

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Look at the BR where Ju288 is. In the past was 5.0 - 6.3 highly enjoyable Air RB battlerating.
Today if u play german or against:
4x Ju 288
mostly 1x attacker
and maybe a fighter like Bf 109 or Fw 190

High performance low alttitute permium planes which also are spammed F2G.

For me, it isnt enjoyable.


According to these forums the hand of god, Russian bias itself should guide you to victory, so less players = more rewards.

Why do I keep see these comment god it’s like there a AI.


Low tier = fun tier


It already is on the edge of collapsing, both Ground and Air top tier have some glaring issues that don’t seem to be on Gaijin’s priority fix list.

That being said, it’s always a good experience trying something new, and if you don’t like how it looks it’s easy going back to your preferred lineup in the end.

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a simple solution would be to just put all these low lvl trash with one premium vehicle in another queue, let them play against each other. Why should I, when I enter the game with a set for everything, be irritated that 80% of my team leaves after the first 2 minutes of the game and still fight for better rewards for this pleb?

You have 1-2 premium/divisional vehicles for the pleb queue
3-11 vehicles in a set, you get into a queue with people who also have sets

Everyone is happy.

UK’s got one. But you rarely see it :D

UK isn’t a major nation in WT.
US, Germany, and Russia especially are the darlings.

To fix the problem with one death leavers, they could change the rb matchmaker to be all nations vs all nations. This would mean you get on average the same number of pay2play one death leavers on both sides, and it doesn’t make so many matches a complete one-sided affair.

It would also make it much easier to balance vehicles with GJN’s statistics, because I’m sceptical they are properly adjusting for the matchmaker when they calculate “efficiency”.

It wasn’t always like that.
I remember playing Leopard 2A4 /2K (top tier back then) and it was quite fun. Played exclusively top tier. It was a nice reward after years of grinding. It was balanced too. Russian tanks were about as powerful as the NATO tanks. BR compression wasn’t really an issue as there were few powercreeping machines. Matches lasted even full 45 minutes regulary. One team stomping was rare. I don’t remember spawn camping being an issue. Game had half the vehicles, yet we enjoyed greater vehicle variety in match than today.

That was before Gaijin opened the can of worms that is helicancer, shortly after we got the free parts and FPE fiasco. The game went downhill ever since the 1.81 “The Valkyries” update. 5 and a half years later, helicopters are still not balanced. Mind you I love helicopters, it’s what I mained and was good at in Arma 3 KOTH. In WT? Not a chance, nope, not gonna participate in this horribly implemented cancerfest. Even preordered the Russian Mi-24 back then, thinking helicopters are gonna be a blast. This is a purchase I regret the most ever and the first time I got burned by Gaijin as a customer.

Nowadays is horrible.
You got cancercopters hovering 7km away sniping with ATGM above helipad.
You got one death leavers leaving you outnumbered 5vs12.
You got impenetrable Russian tanks that magically shatter your shots and then delete you anywhere with one shot.
You got F-16’s wiping out half of your team with one volley of guided munitions from Earth’s orbit.
You got fast firing mariokarts zooming around.

Why would anyone in their right mind grind, let alone PAY, to get to top tier? I didn’t even bother to grind the 2A7V. I also gave up on USA rank VII-VIII. What’s the point? Not gonna waste my money and time on this. I wouldn’t touch anything above 8.3 these days as the lobbies are just filled with lvl 20 premium spam one death leavers and who’s got the most broken pay to win crap, wins.


Thx for sharing your expierence.

That’s your view.

I use them very often.


Hey now I love my fast firing mario kart. They’re quite balanced in the sense you can sneeze at them and they’ll explode. As for the rest, yes, agreed.

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UK is a minor nation so it will naturally attract less attention than US/USSR/GER so US is indeed screwed the most by level 0 wallet warriors.