How is the USH-405(8.0) a higher BR than the BMP-1(7.7)?

Is it incompetence or bias? Also why is Sweden missing its BMPs and CV90s?

Well for all i care the USH, Raketenautomat, mader-a1 and BMP-1 any and all ATGM carrier can all go to hell or hightier. I really dont care to play against any of them. For me their highpen ATGMs or rockets cause me too much strees. War thunder is already a very unforgiving game. If you make a mistake youll pay for it, most of the time. And i dont think the struggel to kill those god damn gremlin ‘tanks’ is as much stress as it is for them to kill someone else.

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Well probably because it is just better in almost every single way? It’s faster, shoots 3 million rockets in a blink of an eye, has actual gun depression, has slightly better penetration and the HE rockets are technically also usable. USH belongs to 8.7


uhh… it has the CV90s… and i dont care much for more BMPs tbvh

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Cause the BMP-1 is bad.
Bad Metal Popper.

I mean realistically, neither the BMP-1 or the USh Rocket car are surviving any focused fire on them.
So in terms of avoiding fire, the USh is smaller, faster, more agile/manoeuvrable, with an arguably better weapons system.

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If you can’t see why the USH is a higher BR than the BMP-1 the incompetence or bias is on your end


Playing the USH-405 with a spaded vehicle:

  1. No machine guns, but easily killed by the BMP-1s machine guns.
  2. No smoke on USH-405
  3. Often find the BMP-1 can cap rush and be on the objective first (so it is faster on some maps).
  4. Turret rotation speed is grossly underperforming. It takes 21.5 seconds to fully rotate. (Vs BMP takes 6.5 seconds for full rotation).
  5. 405 7 Seconds to 20mph. BMP-1 5 seconds to 20mph.
  6. USH-405 = no night vision.
  7. USH-405 gets 18 rounds vs BMP-1 with 40 rounds main gun and 4 ATGM.
  8. USH-405 visibility 84%. BMP-1 visibility 70%.

… If anything they should be the same BR if not the BMP-1 .3 higher.

Take your BMP-1 off Arcade settings you absolute cabbage

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I don’t play arcade. I have spaded both vehicles and ran the tests myself. Nice try though, the stats I posted are for RB.

BMP is loud as hell so you know its comming, the DMG from the 73mm HEAT is not great, and it has to realod when with USH Raketen and other rat vehicles if you dont one shoot someone you can follow up with another and another shoot.
NVE is useless why would you use it.
ATGM on BMP-1 is mid as well.

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I would use NVDs because I got tossed into a night game. Then promptly got killed by an XM-1 in my 405. Would have been nice to have.

With the next coming update, night battles will be fully optional, after being FULLY removed due to the economy backlash back in June.
How you got a night game I don’t know

I have no idea. Ask me how I keep getting full 1.3 BR uptiers as well. Its stupid. Why I keep having to fight 9.3+ in my 8.0 is beyond me. And yes, my current lineup is 8.0.

Ever fought against USH?That thing is way better than BMP-1.It has higher speed than BMP-1 and it has a faster firing rate than BMP-1.It’s rockets are so OP that it can take down any tank within milliseconds at it’s BR range and BMP-1 has a worse gun and a bad ATGM. USH should be 8.3 at least

Fighting 9.3 is impossible with a 8.0 vehicle. 9.0 is max uptier for a 8.0 vehicle.

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It can’t be impossible, because I was killed in more than one match by an XM-1 which is 9.3 in my 8.0 USH-405. I also don’t uptier until I have at least 3 of the next slot so I am not stuck with all old vehicles and 1 new.

the ush is better in every single way the fact you even ask this question its a war-crime itself


2s vs 6s reload
Double barrel vs single barrel
330 vs 300 mm of pen
Small profile vs gigantic IFV profile
Wheels vs tracks

Yeah I really wonder why is one 0.3 higher. Must be bias…

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