How is f-89b 7.0?

Does anybody else get confused by that too?

1000+ kmh at 7.0 does seems a little wierd to me. Its other stats look pretty decent so how is this thing supposed to be on a par with other jets at the same br that is atleast 200 kmh slower and in some cases worse in every aspect. Also after burner. So does not have the same issue with lack luster acceleration as other jets of the same br has. hmmmmmmm. Maybe it is because it is a premium. But what do i know, plz if anyone has actually flown the thing, tell me if I am wrong about it being OP

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It’s because its a premium, and that most players suck using it.

I havent played in a while but from what I remember, it is good but not op. You wont hit 1000kph unless you are at very high alt. Its rip speed is under that and it often locks up in shallow dives if you are not careful. Its guns are great. Its a large, heavy target. Its engines are good at higher speeds but the after burner is not super great as it is an early version.
I can take it into some matches to get an updated review if you want.

Ask the Spit mk 24… (spaded it in… air assault… because 8.0 is NOT fun in a stock prop).

buy it play it then find out speed is ALL ITS GOT… So you better use it or your toast then you find out that you cant turn while going fast so its not gud at turnfighting with the speed it needs to survive because once your under 850kmh your a GIANT TARGET … What it is good at is BnZ and yes it does this well and gud cannons for doing so BUT they fire with YUGE gaps so even being on target and strafing right thru something he can fit between the gaps in your line of fire suprisingly easy. I will not say its not better than the other 7.0’s tho from tech tree and well SU-11 can handle them easy once your under 800kmh

Eh, from the stats it seems slightly better than some of the 7.7 but not exactly worthy going up in my opinion.

Sure it’s going to get eaten by SU-11’s but put it against MiG-9’s and 262’s and it seems reasonably better, a lot of planes at the BR seem to only have speed going for (and least is how I felt playing the MiG-9 early and F-84G recently) so having a lot of thrust and powerful guns to actually kill stuff in one pass is quite the advantage (also get a down tier and La-9’s get to fight you which is not really that fair).

I don’t really remember ever fighting it though, I mainly see F-89D’s which only have the rockets, which are funny but not very reliable.

The guns are good but like I said HUGE gaps between burst so its very easy to be aiming in right spot and they fly right thru the spread with no hits of course being behind some or very low aspect shots you dont notice much BUT anyone that pushes s will remove themselves from that situation quickly

From my research the fire rate (which is what I think you mean by “gap between burst”) of M24A1 is 750 rpm, which is still higher than the NS-23 on the MiG-9 (600 rpm, 7.3) and the MK108 on the Me 262 (600 rpm, 7.0).
And the F-89B is a bit more forgiving than those since it has 1200 rounds for the guns, so you can kinda spray a bit, while (on the MiG-9 at least) you have to pretty much be certain that you’re going to hit before shooting since it only has 160 rounds for the 23mm’s (Me 262 has like 360 rnd, which is more than the MiG, but still not 1200 rnd)

If he “pushes S” and go vertical just extend away, convert your speed into altitude and do another pass on him, he’ll probably be with less energy than before so you’re just setting up for the kill.
If he goes vertical while your team is alive he probably just get caught stalling anyway so you still win the match (but you won’t get rewards because gaijin dislikes team play).

Like I said buy it its fast but if you have flown bricks before get ready to fly a Cinder block at the speeds you need to not get energy trapped mig9 is a bad jet and some jets are going to be better than others in all honesty its hard for me to remember even if an F-89 has ever shot me down ive allways just maxed pitch and watch the smart ones not turn and the dumb ones turn and get eaten alive by su11 or me262 once theve lost speed

the reason why the spit mk 24 is so high is because the only players who play it have the skill to do well in it, keeping it at its current br

Still does not change the fact stock it was horrendous as you will not get any performance from the engine and guns until the last tier mods (hence assault was the only sane way to spade, especially since my first 3 were in full uptiers, regardless of how well my own team might play).

So yes, minor nations tend to get a raw deal when played as opposed to major nations, specifically the most played (aka US and why there seems to be a fair amount of undertiering).