How is F-82 not 5.7 or 6.0?

This lumbering metal has six center mass forward facing AN/M3 with an uption to add 8 x 1 AN/M2 gunpod as NGDP modification pack, P-51H airframe and engine, which means a better aerodynamics for you enthusiast out there and twin pilot system that are separated at least a spitfire cannon to cannon away, not to mention the Aileron, Elevator and Rudder doesn’t lock up as it uses hydraulic booster which is not present on other planes in the same BR Range, giving it massive defensive flight performance capability with how fast it roll and employing snap pitches and roll alike when they’re being chased IF the engine didn’t put that plane speed 150km/h faster than it’s competitor.

The only thing that prevent this thing from turning like A6, A7, Ki-43, Spitfire or Yak is the fact that it got a high wing loading, if it has a wing with low wing loading design than I’m pretty sure it can turn like Re.2005.

What is this abomination doing at 5.3? it’s a tech tree plane, if a premium like A6M5a can be pulled into 5.0 to fight shit like Ju-288, Ta-152, F4U-4B, Spitfire Griffons, and the later model of the Italian engines, why not this shit?

Is this another episode of “Gaijin love American tier 4 idiots” season 7?


because im not sure if you have ever played f82 but you cant even outrun a 109


Stop trying to head on the 14 .50 cals and you should be fine. It’s pretty slow and cant really turn or energy fight, only a threat when above you.


See the thing is I was chasing it, F-82 pilots usually can’t even put itself on / higher than my altitude or keep their altitude parity / advantage long enough to put rounds or even line up for a shot before they dipped their nose to reach the sea level in like 2 seconds.

No plane in the BR range can actually catches it except probably a diving Ta-152.

idk, flew against that thing in stuff like Italians or Japanese and I just fail to even catches it.

well it going up for the sake of two nations is quite dumb as most fighters already out run Italian and Japanese aircraft so that is not a good argument


Although i watch this series too, i think that the F-82 is not as good as you describe it. Their game results rely on early game impact due to air spawn (btw why? It was a long range escort / nightfighter and no interceptor) and spraying in headons, that’s all.

I flew about 100 matches in it some years ago and from my pov this thing is a pain too fly if you try to fly it as a fighter - so without headon orgies ( i use joystick only and have therefore a massive aim disadvantage) every halfmost decent pilot can kill this thing without any issues - with patience.

You might live longer in it with proper MEC usage to avoid overheating and smart usage of your limited WEP, but as soon as you get outclimbed all you can do is running. Your nice roll is like in 190s a nice to have, but usually you couldn’t benefit from it as you had always multiple opponents on your six.

Climbing with high speed to very high alt without WEP usage (to use WEP for combat only) - and flying it “clean” (no gunpod) can save you for a longer time period and helped a lot to create “winnable” 1 vs 1s, but seeing my few fights against them on this account nothing has changed.

The plane is a one trick pony, relies on 3rd party kills, is easy to counter and good to farm Ju288s due to the insane range of their 0.50 cals and the massive firepower, but usually almost every time a free kill in a 1 vs 1.

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A F82 with a lighter airframe, 2270HP engine, and 6 centre-mounted 20mm AN/M3’s? I 100% want that, but i’m pretty sure that is NOT how the F82 is ingame.
Also kinda sad that it’s at 5.3 ngl, it’s a bit high of a br for it to be at.

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I was able to reach around 393 mph max on the deck with it in a test flight. Wasn’t able to get it any faster.

Now that everyone has a 20 mil that can 1-tap people, and .50 cal ballistics after the ballistics nerf cause depression in everyone using them, the f82 is not that strong. you could commit a headon with it in the La-7 and end up taking him out because of how stupidly good gun damage is. Everyone is on a level playing field with guns; the firepower doesn’t matter now.

And since it has a disadvantage in performance and it’s at 5.3 BR, it’s not so good anymore.

Nice joke but no, that is not what is happening. Now many 20mm do SOME damage rather than none, unless of course AP belts were used to get the “hit points” down on the enemy’s plane.

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@original author, you dont know what the f82 performance characteristics are and you are making conclusions that just take you further down the erroneous rabbit hole. There are so many shortcomings on this plane that can easily be exploited. For instance, objectivly speaking, it has a very high stall speed and can barely get the nose up when it gets near said speed.

Learn the planes. Knowing your plane, knowing the enemy plane and where both excell and struggle is much more effective than jumping to conclusions and head ons.


Well there’s your problem.

If you’re running a belt with a high percentage of HE, what will happen is you fire 10 rounds at a guy, 4 connect and he’s dead.

Unless you want to contest the literal hours of footage I’ve collected to prove my point after the patch…

It’s at the BR it’s at because most people fly it with the gun pod. This gives it terrifying firepower, but also weighs it down significantly and renders it vulnerable if you whiff your attack badly enough. Couple that with a tendency for those same people to go head-on with everything, and how a lot of people decide to use it primarily as a ground attack plane (the ground-pounding 'Murican fighter jock being one of the oldest memes in the game, and it’s as true now as it was back then), and the result is some pretty lopsided statistics. Still, could be worse.

All this plane has is speed, and it’s hard to shoot, so it’s a 5.0 overall.

I took “1-tap” too literally.

I mean, the US is the reason the Italians and Japanese have way too high BRs for their best turn fighters…

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true true after the flight model changes japanese planes italian planes and corsairs mainly the 4u7 are very over tiered