How is everyones upgrade coupon grind going?

This is where im at

Im at like 635k. So i have a good buffer to slow down during the week.

i just finish it last night

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Years ago I might have tried it, but now, after just playing six games, I’m already exhausted from so much imbalance and the game taking kills from you and causing your death just because the game stops many of your shots.

I am at 700k not even focusing on the grind. Just playing my 6.3 / 7.3 German lineup to finish both daily + 1 special task every day after work. That’s all I am doing. Sometimes I reach 45k score before I finish up my daily tasks lol.

Exactly as planned and without any hassles at all.

I am 100% on track not bothering with it.

If I came for the first time to the forum after installing the game. I read this and would think what a friendly game.

Finally a happy place to play hahaha. Where the snail takes care of us.

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