How has the proxy fuse bug not been fixed?

This bug is absolutely infuriating and ruins air at top tier. I just had two AIM-7Fs in a row miss targets from ~5 km launches with good closure rate at a medium altitude, and this isn’t new and it’s been reported already. It happens to every single missile in the game as well, so it’s not like I can just go play another plane to get rid of it. Insane that this bug has been around for a month or more by now.


They haven’t figured out why it isn’t working yet, I presume as to why.

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Its not a russian missile, so dont expect it to have any priority


R-73s and R27s had the issue too. Sorry that doesn’t fit into your bias cope.

It took them half a year to figure out why real shatter is so inconsitent…(the shells somehow exploded within themselves - just like WT players)
During that period multiple bug reporots were shrug off as “not a bug”
with mods stating it ~works as intended~. Dunno how it is now, hopefully not the same
So don’t expect anything soon - it’s probably a low priority thing for them…

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You said they “had” this problem meaning that they have been fixed, and they are russian missiles… fits perfectly, thank you for proving my point.

9Ms are working fine as well, no issues there.

Keep huffing.

Imagine a game, a piece of software, having a bug and then deciding to blame that on a company’s supposed bias towards one nation which is currently getting shat on in ARB.

No ones “huffing” you are the one starting something and continuing on in a childish fashion. Maybe you are just a child. If you can’t see that a russian software developer wouldnt have a bias toward their home country especially in a war game, then you can live in a fantasy if you like, i dont really care. There is clear bias toward Russian vehicles in the game, intentional or not. Maybe you’re Russian and defending your motherland, even then i dont care. I’m at the point where im done with the US tech tree and going to move on to the russian tree anyway so i can enjoy the bias instead of fighting against it. should be an enjoyable time.

Projection is a fine art and you paint it beautifully.

You’ll grind Russia with all that time and money only to realise that they will now begin to fall off technologically speaking with their munitions, overtaken by American, European, Japanese and Chinese AAMs.

Make sure you get some oxygen mixed in with your copium so you don’t suffer too much.

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Eh maybe, but as of right now they have the strongest lineups in ground and really good air line up as well. After Russian was thinking about Germany, then Israel since this is a short tech tree but good vehicles.

Try Sweden, should be much better than Israel.

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There’s your problem.

Ground is as unbalanced as it comes. Terrible maps, compression and with how tanks are, it’s a lot harder to overcome.

ARB at least everything can die to a 9B, just requires a bit more skill to make it happen.

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same has happened to r60 r60m r24 r27 as well. you talk bs

Its not a russian weapon that is bugged now is it?

The bug that was fixed last year where the proximity fuse did not work is back.
This happened in a match just a few minutes ago.
I have encountered this event multiple times outside of this video.
Please get rid of this deadly bug!