How do you even enjoy long range maps?

Like the Fields of Normandy three points cap or Fields of Poland for example, it’s long-range maps where you frequently engage targets at >2km aka pixel hunting, let’s just say 8.7 where some of your tanks have LRF, I generally grew hate for these kinds of gameplay where you have to pixel hunt, or roll a dice and pray to god nobody peeks over the hill a put a bullet through your ammo rack when you rush the cap, sometimes I feel like no death leave once they put me into this maps, any strategies to make this map more bearable? like Fields of Poland I would just rush to the B and hide all day behind the building and don’t ever wanna go out anymore unless half the enemy team has left the game or I’m the only one left.

Because I enjoy being able to actually move around the map, abuse terrain and concealment, and make use my judgement to hit long range shots.

How do you even enjoy close range city maps where you are forced to put yourself in compromising positions where you have to try and watch down 3 directions at once, and you get stuck just corner peeking and point blanking everyone? I hate that gameplay, but hey look that is like 75% of the maps in the game.


I am not fond of CQC. Most times rather then hit escape, I spawn in a SPAA and kill air. Working a corner just gets your track or driver killed and they just keep hitting you until you repair or get hit from behind. Slow turret speed is a killer. Nothing but quick draw stuff. Some people like it and that’s great, each his own.


There is no point even spawning when you get full uptiered having every disadvantage thrown at you, no LFR, no thermals, mostly underperforming ammo and useless armour. Like 7.7 againt 8.7 where Type 16 has everything to make sure you wont leave your spawn.
Yeah CQC maps mostly sucks but i rather try to watch 3 cornes at the time than entire forest ahead of me that is 2km away xD

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It seems GJ is reducing maps to speed up play?
More and more maps are being simply changed like this which is just lazy programing.
Hill/cover area for SPAA suddenly Out Bounds.
Don’t known if they respond to players complaining about sniper spots or what.
Example of lazy programing a map:

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Because long-ranged battles are actually the way modern tanks fight. As for me I would even prefer bigger and longer ranged maps. The game have already made too many compromises for casual players.


I only enjoy long range maps. I play chally 2. In a strong long range position im strong. Rushing a cap point fighting in CQB im weak. I also hate CQB fights and i hate how they are changing maps to suit the CQB tanks like the soviet tanks


Becuase Gaijin just create maps for Arcade and think they are good for RB and Sim too. Stupid urban rat mazes with a cover every 10 meters becuase you need hide your stupid tag “im here shot me” .

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I spawn in a rat tank, low to the ground as possible (m56, bmp, etc) and use the low ground to sneak up closer, scouting as I go. Shoot and scoot man.

I enjoy pretty much nothing but long range maps. Most maps are for rank 2, rank 3 at most imo. I can snipe at 1500m with 4.3 tanks no problem. And it is the most fun I have in the game. The rest is just WoT, when you are forced down the same 3 roads and fight at 500m if you are lucky.
It is more fun to be able to move and use the terrain, to wait 2 minutes and then strike and ambush people.


It’s even worse now. They put rocks in places that used to be usable areas of the map and edit death zones on 1/3 of once big maps so you can’t flank anymore, because 1/3 of the map is the base of one team and 1/3 of the map is not usable anymore. Instant back to garage or ODL.

Big maps would be good if Gaijin could design good large maps, and put them at BRs that work for them. Currently most large maps turn into a camping snipe fest which is just really boring, especially if you are stock and/or aren’t in a tank made for sniping.

I enjoy smaller maps more, because some seem to be designed well.

What’s the worst, is large maps, but the map is all CQB (Sun city and Breslau are the worst for that)

Never understood why players like you always being toxic towards arcade mains.

Do you think arcade mains couldn’t do well in RB and can’t have an opinion about general gameplay?

Though they have gone overboard. Tried GF again and saw the new Alaska; how did that need being made smaller??

Just because players dislike looking left and right does not mean they should remove every possible spot and compound this annoying trend!

Is not being toxic, if you want complain about long maps when you practically ONLY play a certain mode, just go to complain in that certain mode subfourm.
Becuase is bit stupid complain here in RB subforum when your most played vehicle in RB is BMP2 with 18 battles…

Congratulation for your only good battle in RB, now go to Arcade subforum.

Why can’t people enjoy both modes? what sets the WT community apart is feces like you lol. This is not a complaint post if you actually know how to read, I was asking for opinions if there are any other ways to deal with long-range targets that don’t seem enjoyable (which is subjective, to each his own), which has been answered in the first two post, then you come in and suddenly, out of the blue mentioned arcade and create a drama out of it like it has anything to do like the topic. How about you go play a single game like solitaire and play with bots then you don’t have to hear what other players have to say? lol

This not about enjoy modes is becuase the gameplay experience is completely different from Arcade to Realistic and thanks to people like you RB player suffer from this stupid clonical urban maps.
Again go and cry in ARCADE subforum and stop ruining RB becuase you rarely played RB and mostly and only played ARCADE is very simple.

Lol you are the only person that is crying here I mean look at all your posts man. Do you put the blame on arcade mains because Gaijin keeps adding small maps or making them smaller by highlighting more restricted area? That’s a weird logic bro but you do you. Cheers

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He never said that tho??? He was just asking how to deal with it

OP I was an arcade main for the longest time until 3 years ago, I play top tier RB mainly these days(still play arcade AB). I understand you and I’ll get straight to the point.

Most people don’t “enjoy” maps in this game these days. It’s about what you tolerate

Since most ground RB maps in this game are subpar or garbage most people are more or less left with 2 choices. Do I tolerate trash long range maps or trash CQB more? I personally prefer the trash CQB ones because at LEAST you can quickly find cover from CAS, there aren’t many areas to get spawn sniped from(mostly), and it’s easier to make a comeback.

The only long range maps I truly enjoyed is Fuldra, Pradesh,OG full size modzok, and a lesser extent Maginot line

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