How do I play the Sabre XD

I’m having a major skill issue playing the F-86F-30 and was wondering if anyone has any tips/wants to squad and help me XD

Play as an any other plane, dodge enemy’s shots and shoot enemy

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Right, so I just gotta not play the Sabre

Gotta dodge more lul

I liked the american one, common plane, no big advantages, no big disadvantages.

Keep energy. You have a great roll rate too. Migs are easy to deal with, assuming you have energy. You can out-roll them to dodge their guns and get then to over shoot. Dont try to ‘one man army’ because once you get sucked into a dogfight, you are dead when a second plane fights you.

At end of match look at replays of good pilot

Watch your 6, and make sure you prioritize targets, you want to learn your foe and there playstyle, some play more aggressively than others. Aside from that when it comes to missiles make sure you have the bare minimal amount of fuel for maximum turning although if you want more fuel then bring in rockets as makeshift countermeasures it will help against missiles but it does not guarantee you will always survive.

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fly fast turn hard and die to J32A’s Mig-21’s and Harriers…its a great jet honestly in a terrible br