How do I get a band lifted

Perhaps take the “advice” as it was given. Telling the OP they could “buy a star” is an option, not a direction. And it is also possible to get the reward vehicle and miss a star/marl along the way. And even to make the vehicle “tradeable” has to do with a total score and no the marks directly as well. And being that the OP is playing Sim, they are getting the best “multiplier” possible playing higher tiers/BR’s anyway. Another Sim player posted 2 - 3 days ago that they already had the coupon to make it tradeable, so it is very likely the OP can also obtain all that is required for the event in the time remaining.
As for interjecting your perceived problems with Sim mode in general here . . just kinda off topic and there are other, better places to do that. Time & place for everything my friend . . . all good

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I understand. I’m just angry. I’ve been waiting here with many others for two years for an official sign of life. and then when I read “they could buy a star” the camel starts to bite. there are just too many emotions.
I have the feeling I have to protect new players from the money-hungry snail. I paid a lot myself 2 years ago. and I was happy to do it back then. but not today.

I get that you don’t want people to feed their money to the snail. I don’t either. But I did want to lay out all the options for them and instead you went on an entirely irrelevant rant about sim that has completely derailed the conversation.

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I may have gone slightly over the top explaining but I didn’t want to leave nothing unexplained you know, I mean a ban for a short time such as a few hours also or even just not being able to play SIM but a complete 48 hour ban from not being able to play the game at all that’s bullshit

All good, we have all been frustrated by the game on numerous occasions . . . just how it is. And many think the snail icon to be appropriate for how things get done . . . slowly, but I think they go by an old Japanese proverb where the snail is supposed to climb Mt. Fuji . . . slowly. But it’s more about determination than the speed of things. Gaijin has done a LOT with this game and against the odds with probably less staff than many game developers. It’s really quite impressive, but no game is perfect either. We just have to use more determination than emotion in how we approach/play the game. And another good thing to remember . . . no one pays . . . no one plays . . . aw so . . .
this is the way . . . . .

Relax for 48 hours bro. Go outside and do something else

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So you TK 2 people and get away with a 48 hour ban, and then have the nerve to cry on the forums?

48 hours really is not that much.

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the problem is that we haven’t had a contact person for over 2 years. we don’t even know if our last thousand feedback messages from the old and new forums have been read at all. there are many things in sim mode that could be improved with a little programming work. I could give many small examples now. I used to program myself and these are things that could be done in an afternoon. everything is available in the files. you don’t have to completely reprogram as much as with the big updates, but only rewrite. step by step. not without tests, of course. …
it’s just a question of will. and the gaijin people obviously don’t want to. I don’t know why. there is no plausible reason. we sim players say self-critically “because we are so few”. but that’s a very weak reason because gaijin could make sim great.

so the problem is that nobody feels responsible for us.
and the people who are responsible here are baffled that we are angry.


OK so I understand your frustration but don’t agree with rounding on the moderator.

I would say that if I face the possibility of a ban for team killing in Sim which is a major concern to me anyway, then I will never bother playing it and after 3 years I never have.
I simply don’t trust Gaijin under those circumstances, not if they are allowing all the copy paste in as well.

It sounds like we are inviting trouble even playing one game of Sim, no wonder the game is dying. No wonder Lieutenant Camel has got the hump!

well… the community helper or moderator could at least once in 2 years go into one of the many sim topics and say ‘sorry guys there are no news yet. but gaijin has not forgotten you sim players’!
I think that would be possible and every other PC game developer company would act like that.


yes Moeeeeep! :) yes I don’t make friends with gaijin :) but the beautiful flirting time is simply long gone.
by the way,- it’s not the players’ fault that the state of sim is so bad. (keyword abuser, teamkiller or whatever). is 100% the fault of the snail. the snail has 100% control over its game. we sim players have to stick together more.

It may seem like a long time. But shoot, enjoy your 48 hours off. Get away from Gaijin for a while. I believe this game is poison.

sorry guys there are no news yet. but gaijin has not forgotten you sim players

Just joking. Fact is that neither CH’s not GM’s have any insight into or influence over development. We can only push the same buttons like everybody else, which s suggestions and bug reports.


So you thought a gaijin employe was reading and writing here ?¿ You are really naive …

Here you are also an active sim player who expresses your wishes here. we know this.

but the Gaijin developers sitting in a fallout shelter, isolated from the world?

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SIM could be a home for me but I don’t want to risk a ban and sim seems like trouble waiting to happen.

Copy paste should be banned in SIM if people are getting team kill bans, I mean give the player base a break for Gods sake.

Why do you believe you’re in danger of a ban just by playing sim?

Because if you can get banned for team killing then why play a game where you have no idea who is who? asking to be banned isnt it?

No, but positive ID of your target is part of the game in Sim, and one of the features.

Play sim almost exclusively and (even though admittedly have done my share of TK by negligence), never got a ban in Sim…

You just need to employ some techniques to determine if your target is Red or Blue, that’ it.