How do I get a band lifted

I was banned 48 hours because I accidentally destroyed two allied players in two different games mistaken for enemy players I would like to get this band lifted as this was not intentional only I don’t know how to get this band lifted.

I can recall the situation exactly how it happened I understand this is in my words and all the readers of this have only my word for it to go on.

The first was an Aircraft what looked like to be a light or maybe medium bomber coming hard, fast and for a bomber at low altitude from the enemy side or the map or maybe it was a fighter bomber of some description I don’t know either way, I instantly fought it to be enemy so I went after it and since I haven’t done a lot of sim games I don’t have a lot of experience in sim, I was struggling just to keep the plane steady and in a straight line it was shaking all over the place so I wasn’t really looking at markings on the plane that would tell me whether it was friend or foe I suppose I should have done that. The second time I saw what I thought was an enemy vehicle perhaps being foolish and desperate for a target and so willing to help my team I went after it, after having dropped the bomb I had a funny feeling then when it said friendly destroyed I was like oh😐 but for what it’s worth I did apologize.

This is what I have wrote to gaijin asking that the band please be lifted as this sort of punishment for purely accidental game play despite having not done this intentionally i’m treated the same and if anyone can please bring this to the attention of gaijin I’d be most grateful as I’m currently working hard for the current event and can’t do anything in war thunder right now

I don’t know whether I was reported or it was just an auto-ban, but I have been blocked out temporarily banned by all accounts from playing any thunder for 48 hours because I accidentally mistook two allied vehicles for enemy ones and I ask is it possible to please get this ban lifted as I am currently working hard for the current event and do not have the time to be banned for 48 hours for a genuine accident. I’m sure so many have contacted you saying the same thing and many of them may have been true and mine is one of those cases in both games were I accidentally killed an allied players, I also destroyed enemy ones, does no one or this auto ban not take that into account.

I don’t not disagree that some sort of punishment is necessary for deliberate team killing a blatant display of unsportsmanship but 48 hours is a little overkill If one was say banned for a couple of hours or just banned from sim that would make sense but a 48 hour ban from the whole game is a bit much.

I imagine you have the ability to so see my record of what vehicles I’ve played bought and then what game modes I’ve played and I don’t really do sim and so this was a pure accident.

So to sum up my request I would like the ban lifted if possible and I wish to make this very clear,

You wont’ get an answer or resolve the issue by posting here.

Try messaging a game master:


How do I join their group and post there

Public forum posts are not where this is addressed.

To request help regarding a Team Kill related Account Ban, please contact a Game Master via Forum PM.

You do not join their group. You message one of them privately. Click on their name which will bring up their profile and then click the “Message” button.

Also, ngl, 48 hours is fine. It’s a videogame event. It’s not the end of the world. Even if you miss 1 star you can still get the Object 292. The 9th star is for the loading screen, you only need 8 for the 292. You can also buy stars with GE.

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I have already missed one star by the time this unnecessary unfair in my opinion ban ends I will be staying up very early to achieve the star

Have you tried planting something incriminating on them and tipping off the feds?

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TK bans in most of the cases are done automatically, by the algorithm that detects TK and team damage. Theres nothing that can be done about this, and no appeal.

sure! we buy… while Gaijin does nothing for the simulator mode.

its only 48 hours

How is this even remotely relevant?

we are here in the Simulator Battle Forum,- for sim players this is absolutely relavant!

Hundreds of posts here from disappointed, demoralized and sad simulator players who are not being heard.
can’t you see that? before the dismissal of last gray angel and the systematic dismantling of Sim, I also enjoyed buying premium content.

Yeah, but how is any of that even remotely relevant to the rest of this conversation?

ask your boss. we are the customers here. and we have invested a lot of money in the game.
Sim is a disaster. we scream and scream…but you don’t hear us. where are our snail contact persons?

  1. I am not an employee. If I went and told my boss she would say, “What the hell are you talking about??”
  2. You still haven’t explained how that’s relevant to the rest of this conversation.

ok you are not a developer. then please let the person come and read here in the forum. the sim players have made hundreds of suggestions here. nobody lists it.

why do you think we are in such a bad mood here?

First of all, why would you think I have the power to do any of the stuff you just asked me to do? The only person I could possibly pester into reading this is a community manager and they don’t have the power to make the devs do things either.

Second of all, still none of this is even remotely relevant to the rest of this conversation. Please go make your own thread.

Third, I will not pester a CM into reading this because they have better things to do and you have simply asserted that sim is broken and provided no evidence or constructive criticism on how to fix it, so they have no reason to care for what you are saying versus the voices of thousands of other sim players who have said the same thing. I’m not saying that sim is not broken, I’m saying that you have made an assertion with no associated evidence or constructive criticism, therefore the amount of reason a CM has to bother to read anything you wrote here is the square root of 0.

with all due respect. are you kidding me?

for two years, since sim has been completely broken, there have been thousands of posts with criticism, suggestions and wishes.

I’m not saying a developer should come because i’m writing this now…but because the whole sim community has been waiting 2 YEARS for this!

I don’t have to justify anything now… there are thousands of posts that justify everything twice and more!

…and to recommend the sim player up there to buy something is an absolute impertinence.