How do I even get to a base in air rb

Pretty much without fail every single match no matter the tactic I take I cannot make it to the base. And if by some chance I miraculously do my teammates have bombed it. I’m using the SU-22M3 which as I have found out isn’t really that good. How can I make it to the base in a 16 v 16 scenario

I’m dumb and can’t read. Give me a few to see what’s up.

It’s a SU-22M3 at 10.7

Are you using it to grind the tech tree or are you already at rank 6?

Grinding tech tree

Don’t use it. It isn’t a good plane and you’ll do better grinding through the tree by playing the planes. It doesn’t get the research for lower tiers since it’s a squadron vehicle and not a premium. Trust me, I have it and it has been nothing but terrible. It can’t outrun anything with even the lightest loads and it is not at all a good fighter.

I want to hang myself

i truly believe Bases need to be closer in top tier and spawn every 10 seconds when one is destroyed. It would help the grind a lot. For now is best to use it as a fighter, head on etc…to grind or use a fighter.

Until something is done to improve AirRB, just worry about helping the team and getting kills

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No… 10 seconds means that a full team of 16 Bomb carrier could ticket bleed out the shit out of the ennemy points within 80seconds once they reached 1st base.

hmmm whats the best timer? Cuz I done the bomb runs and failed to reach them 1st a few times. had to wait but ended up getting killed in the process.

First of all -->,i don’t think rushing in is best option

Second → timer can’t make a ticket from bombing bases only of less than 3 min.

Third → while i respect people trying to have mixed loadout or anything,… most of you considers that bringing a full load i better than doing a half load for only 1 base.

There 2 reasons:
→ full load = 2 bases → this is true if low amount of bomber, and if you can slip through despite fact you’re slowed by the load.

→ half load would be 1 base → realistic in everyway as the number of teammates doing Bombing is always high, you limit the weight/Drag and required thrust for only pushing up that load.

Another solution would be to check for rocket loads instead of bombs → F-4’s often do that to get faster than there bomb loaded teammates, whilst limiting themselves to 1 base and some ground unit.

Finally, bombing ground unit instead, for Ticket bleed:
Ground unit is 80 or 100 ticket each
base is only about 650 ticket bleed

So by accurate use of 7 light bombs or medium bombs on ground target (and btw this is more rewarding than a single base, because activity is way differentfor 7 GT than a single base), you do more ticket bleed to ennemy.

Than using 7 medium/heavy bombs on a base.

So i would suggest that if you can’t go for bases, to prefer Ground target.