How do i beat the F5C or other jets in the JA37C?

As i wrote im struggling with the JA37C, am i playing it wrong. probably but still i really struggle with any thing that isnt a F-104 or Mig 21

have you unlocked all modifications for it?
have you maxed crew levels?
are you playing AB or RB or SB?

in general, it depends on the map, but avoid getting into circle/WVR fights when there are a lot of other enemies arounds.
Go in, fire 1-2 missiles, go out (flare if needed), then try to find an opening to recommit, repeat until out of missiles. few enemies left? use guns. many enemies left? go back for resupply.

? what

edited, ment WVR. (Within visual range)

Well im kind of forced to since all i have is rear aspects and i play Realistic

and since the JA37C doesent get the Falcons it had IRL its not really that ideal, thats what i feel like anyway

you have the sky flash as well.

i don’t think the JA37C had falcons IRL? where did you see that?

Edit: in general; its fast, very fast. think of it as a “drive-by” jet. i don’t think there is anything at that BR that can catch up to you if you get going fast enough.

im stock

oh… you didn’t say. and i did ask.
its still the same tactic though. “drive-by” missiles and fly away.

i went got sniped by a another missile, i stuck to my team. but ig im just on a bad streak rn


i do better with just guns than the missiles what is this bs

i want to give up since im not getting kills nor staying alive…

that’s the stock grind for ya. but at its BR it quite a good jet. once you unlock the modifications.

i swear im not suprised if this game causes depression

ffs im going through the 5 stages of grief…

trust me, the JAS39A is worth it.
if you even get slightly above mediokre with the JA37 versions then the JAS39A is going to be a breeze.

If you ever get into sim, the JA37C is absolutely incredible there. My all time favourite aircraft in sim and I’ve completed Israel, France, Sweden and USSR air trees.

Also you can pull large amounts of AOA and have a pretty small turn circle, great for dogfights. Problem is that you can’t recover speed whatsoever in a fight, so when your out of speed you’re dead pretty much, use the speed/energy wisely. Acceleration/top speed is pretty good at it’s BR so you can occasionally escape anyways. The radar gunsight will help you get hits too, use it.

When you unlock skyflash you can position yourself in a way that they are 2 free kills pretty much, fire them very close(5-8km), they have less range than the radar tells you.

Rb24J’s are good rear aspects, not much to comment on there

The AIM-4 Falcon would be useless on it. Not only is the AIM-4 terrible, but it also has no proxy fuse so it has to score an actual direct hit. It’s so bad that only 5 kills have ever been recorded with it IRL.