How could our team lose this battle?

We had the capture point, which wasn’t threatened. Please explain why.

I didn’t check the replay…but the usual reason is that your team was very low on tickets and some of you got killed.
Being killed also removes tickets and can make you lose battles where you are already low on tickets…on some games i notice this i will remain in cover and wait for the win…hoping all friendlies do the same. Conversely…if enemy is very low on tickets, i make a bigger effort to get a kill…

Do check the replay, please! What is a ticket?

I watched it, and yea, you took too long to make your move, and by the time you started capping you had under 800 tickets left… Each subsequent death by your team made you drop down to 0.

The enemy had such an advantage because of them being ahead in the tickets already.

It’s what those blue and red bars on top middle of the screen that keeps decreasing represent(if you haven’t changed default colors for them). The team with the bar running out first loses.

It doesn’t matter if you have 3 captured points but you run out of tickets, I lost matches like that simply cause my team kept pushing into the enemy spawn and dying after capturing all points.

I have seen this happen so many times… And I’ve caused it to happen to the enemy so many times.

See it happening, tell the team to ignore the caps, and start killing more players… Crucial timing can turn a battle around.

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Players tend to focus only on the cap points and forget about the tickets bleeding to player’s deaths. Then when it happens they don’t understand why they lost.

Thanks for the info and advice! From now on I’ll stop focusing on capture points.

You didn’t in the first place, you sat back that whole match, and picked right at the end to go cap.

You actually NEEDED to go cap earlier.


That is NOT what the advice is saying!!

Winning can be a combination of cap points AND killing the enemy - there is no magic secret formula - you have to balance both.



So look man, CAP airfields to win, most people don’t know how to LAND or PLAY THE OBJECTIVE.
So… This is what it looks like to lose 6k point lead

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Damn, that’s pretty evidential there that it’s not over till their mom is hollering…

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Ive never figured out why tickets are needed in a timed game. Whats the point? I doubt ive ever been on a game that’s lasted 10 minutes, never mind anything close to the game timer.

Check falcons video… That’s why…

People need to keep an eye on the battle rather than just blindly going for kills and dying in the process.

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A timed game doesn’t work WITHOUT tickets… what exactly do you think would happen when the time ran out? Who would win? The team with more tickets, but whoops! You don’t have tickets in this scenario, so who would win? You couldn’t come up with an answer…

Then it would be a draw…

Yesterday we were holding all 3 caps, we had 6 players left the opposition 3 and we lost with plenty time in the board. What a joke. Tickets just make no sense at all.

So you think the game would be better if literally every game ended in a draw? Wat?

The other team I’m going to assume did defensive aggressive tactics.