How bad are the U.S. teams?

This topic clearly shifted from discussion about USA teams to discussion about Abrams spall liners and then about BTR spall liners.

Makes post about how spall liners dont have to look like cloth, some random guy, " ActUAllY ThAt’S NoT A BtR"

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This lacks the two afterwards of images, the teams being empty in a minute or so.

Thats also partly due to the fact everyone with a brain has left the usa top tier minus new people who just bought the clackbait

Yeah, there’s a shift of experienced players, it doesnt even need an update for it, even a rumor about some nation recieving something powerful is enough.

The images are more worse cases, but even in OP’s matches amount of people with just premiums was so high.

T-80UD was in service with the Russian military until around the mid 2000’s, and then taken out due to lack of spare parts.

I have a photo somewhere of Russian T-80UDs being used, taken in the mid-90’s. So at the very least it could receive 3BM46 which entered production in 1990 if I’m remembering correctly.

I know all that, however T-80UD wasnt from what I know modernised, produced only in Kharkiv, was used only for T-80UE-1 (30 tanks) and got out of the use with inability to maintain it’s engine for long without the home plant of it.
I never disagreed it can use 3BM46.
Moreover in my opinion T-80UD should be 10.3, I dont see it 0.3 above T-64BV in any way.
IIRC it served until 2006.

Yes and no, when a large part of your battles will be a combination of RU/GER/SWE, or all 3, vs US + minor nations than it is very hard for that RU/GER/SWE team to lose due to their overall much better tanks (Strv 122s/2A7s wipe the ground and Pantsir deals with any helis/air).



The TKX and Type 10 are in the same boat as the Leclerc as far as armor goes (doesn’t exist). The only thing they have going for them is a 4 sec autoloader and a decent round. If you can land it because it seems the Type 10 has issues with shells definitely never landing where your reticle is.

saw a type 90 wipe out 9 Tanks on my team. Destroyed half the russian player and im just watching this on a UAV telling them don’t push. You think my team listened after the first 9tanks nope he got another 3 before someone bombed him with a KH

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Not saying it’s not possible, but that tank was most likely driven by a player that knew exactly what they were doing. And a player like that can take most tanks and make them lethal. The 4 second autoloader makes it lethal if you know how to use it to it’s full effect (i.e. taking barrel shots and following it up with a well placed kill shot because most people will either not notice right away their barrel is gone, or will instinctively back up which, well, 4 seconds isn’t all that much time…)

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Nadboi - its external protection.
Podboi - is internal, made by thick layer of polyethylene and polyisobuthilene.

And by materials and thickness of this layer - it really can serve as spall liner.

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The IRCM from M1A1 HC and Click-Bait works as it should? Bc i have the feeling it dont works and i would trade it for gen 2 thermal for days (like on AIM)…

It does, but there isn’t a single ATGM that you can encounter at your tier that can be intercepted by it so it’s legitimately useless. Unless you get lucky and someone uptiers a beginner helicopter or mid tier ATGM carrier for some reason.


It only works against atgms that are around 8.7.

Most atgms around 11.3 are laser guided, which it can’t jam, or are just resistent to jamming.

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I think there are a couple of atgms on some of the 10.0+ helis that it can still jam, but ground launched? None of them around 11.3.

So why add it? Cant they change it for something more useful?

I think they wanted to add the HC and because there are a lot of pictures of M1A1 HCs with the APS mounted, they likely thought it would make for a funny gimmick.

Also I don’t think the M1A1 ever mounted anything on that space besides the APS.

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IIRC, the Ataka can be jammed, niche but sometime it might actually help.


And if they remove it and give gen 2 thermals? Same as AIM. Or HC cannot receive gen 2 thermals? at least you could play as sniper tank properly