How bad are the U.S. teams?

I’ve finally been unbanned. Yay. While I was in the ban, I managed to read a bunch of posts on the forum. that American tanks are terrible, that they need an urgent buff. But is that really true?
Why in a world where there is a Type-90(10) that has aiming problems, no armor, and speed losses so great that you are sometimes overtaken by your not-so-fast ally, do people complain about the Abrams series tanks? They have at least some armor in the turret, the hull doesn’t break head-on from Bt-5 guns, 5 second reload times, with excellent shells and huge first turn ammo. And I don’t know a tank that can effectively defend against helicopters and sometimes even airplanes with its shells. Yes, there is no hull armor against BR peers’ shells, but there are other fine features that outweigh that disadvantage
WR is often used as an argument. Let’s take a closer look at this. Maybe it’s not the vehicles, but the players?
My friend and I have played fights on different combat ratings(11.0,11.3,11.7,12.7), for different sides (USA, Britain, Japan, Germany). As a result, the following screenshots were taken. Note the team compositions, the time in the upper left corner and the number of players who left the battle

Lots of screenshots.

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Oh, my goodness! Turns out, if you don’t leave the fight in the first few minutes after you die, you can win! UNBELIEVABLE!
By the way, that was the only win for the US that day

When your whole team is in the air and you’re alone on the tank, of course you’re going to lose


We won. But the battle was memorable for me because the genius on the Abrams spent six months picking at the turret of my Leopard2A5 while my gun barrel was broken. Apparently, he lacked something that would have guessed to finish my tortures at once and shoot into the hull

Also a victory

Yeah, it’s not the largest sample. But I just couldn’t make it bigger

Neither my friend nor I have any superpowers in terms of gaming. But even so I managed to be in the top three players when playing with the USA.
The problem is not the technique, but the players. They leave the fight immediately, or the whole crowd moves to CAS. Of course, then the battles are lost, WR becomes very low, and those who lag behind until the end of the battle have to fight alone against 2-3 opponents at a time.
Me and my friend were often in situations where due to lack of allies (they left the fight after 3 minutes, lol), we were surrounded by a bunch of opponents. You can make 1-2 kills, but you’re just going to get mobbed


Pretty much. They are getting hit hard by the premium spam which is causing a lot of new top tier players to swarm and do 1DL.

Most of my matches will have like 50% of the team gone after the first 3 minutes.


outside of the natural skill issues seen in low tier germany and American aviation across the board (however this is compensated by having the best aviation tree in game) there isn’t many “bad teams” in war thunder. 10.3-11.7 America ground though that’s a real outlier as a terrible skill level and its been made infinitely worse since the introduction of the clickbait premium, have some of the best tanks in game, strong armour and a really strong mantlet and only the driver viewport as a weakpoint, very mobile and a reload only rivalled by the challenger 1 and the Japanese mbts. Whenever I’ve gotten an American team in top tier its been large defeat because half of my team are newbies that die once or twice and leave. Ive stopped playing top tier unless my friends want to because of American players its so bad

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Gaijin’s fault in adding more premium tanks to fill their pockets, i’m not surprised at all.

Also why does US get drafted with Britain most of the time against Sweden and Russia and Germany, that’s absurd how it’s unbalanced.


Yeah, they added a bunch of prems. But it doesn’t affect the quality of the Abrams in any way, they don’t require buffs right here and now. Low WR is not a consequence of poor tank performance, but only because of such “fine” teams
And yes. the U.S. is like any other country being thrown for different sides. There’s no imbalance. The imbalance is only in how absurdly stronger the 2A7 Leopards and STRVs are relative to the others


Let’s not call it a “buff”, it’s fixing some obvious issues like the turret ring and the penetrable hull, US deserve to be competitive with Sweden and Germany.


It’s definitely an Abrams baffle.
In reality this ring is exactly the same as in the game

And the rest of the countries?

  1. Clickbait spam from FNGs that have no choice but to ODL.

  2. Abrams tanks are mediocre. They’re poorly modeled and have serious discrepancies.

  3. Russian MBTs are overperforming. Leo2A7/U and STR122/whatever are despite being undermodeled themselves, are modeled well enough they are essentially mopping the floor with everyone else.

  4. USA often fights both Germany and Russia, with sometimes even Sweden included in the enemy line-up. So that’s 3 nations at worst with tanks that basically kick the absolute dog out of your undermodeled Abrams. Good luck.

  5. Basically every nation’s CAS is worthless when fighting against Russia in the Pantsir’s BR range, so be it USA or otherwise people have plenty of reasons to ODL.

Any player skill level issues aside, the Abrams are simply mediocre compared to many of the contemporaries and their competitive ability is very lacking.


It is not.

What countries?


Russia? France? China? Japan? Israel?
Why only USA?


You literally created this thread about solely USA, so naturally that is all that should be discussed. If you want to open the floor so to speak, then adjust the thread accordingly


Yeah, yeah. All of them, the bad ones. They “overestimated” the capabilities of Russian MBTs on purpose, and underdeveloped German MBTs on purpose.
Abrams has penetration, reloading, speed, strong turret, good gun angles, HE with radio fuse. What else do you need?
Oh, we don’t want to be penetrated at all, because the U.S. “deserves”
Abramses are not that bad, yes, you can’t play with your face on the keyboard like Germans or Swedes do, but they are quite good. They’re not mediocre. Only the players are mediocre. And that’s something you have to put up with. That’s why bloggers and others everywhere say that there is no point in playing the set-up, you can just take and play on 1 death. occasionally 2.

And another thing. The AIM-120 meta now. One carrier of these missiles can cover the entire sky even more effectively than Pantsir or any other SAM.

Maybe I misunderstood him, but he claims that it is the US that deserves it, implying that the rest of us can tolerate it

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Russia doesn’t need anything at this moment.

France yeah can get some bug fixed.

I don’t know about japan but yeah they got good tanks too.

Israel is next to US and deserves to get a buff to the Merkavas.

TLDR wanting the Abrams’ modeling discrepancies fixed is not wanting it to be invincible. It’s simply wanting it to not suck.

The sooner you get that much through your skull, the better.


I think it’s the opposite.

2 tanks 11.7 for the whole TT.


“I don’t know anything about them, but they have strong tanks.”


Only the turret ring is a bugfix.
Wanting to add DU armor where there was none is a desire to be invulnerable


is this gonna turn into another thread about abrams DU armor and turret neck debate? XD
there already is so many where the same people gather

They literally suffer from the same weakspots???

T80UK, T80U, Object292, T80UM2, T90A??

Duh?? because i play with them and against them?? and they perform good?

I wouldn’t want that to happen.
It just amuses me that the weakness of the players is blamed on the fact that US tanks are “mediocre”.


USA teams are not that bad tbh, i have much higher 10.3 WR% in usa than 10.0 in ru for example.

don’t know about higher BR