How are you meant to use TOWs in their current state

First clip are TOW-2As having the complete inability to hit anything how you actually want it to on these maps and the second clip is two TOW-2Bs failing to do literally a single tiny amount of damage on two consecutive hits on the same Object 292.

How are you meant to play vehicles that rely on these two missiles right now? Gaijin butchered these missiles in the past and never cared to fix them since.


Gaijin butchered all ATGMs with how they see their “realistic behavior”.

It’s pretty much abysmal dogshit now and it shows.
They are pretty much nearly useless up close and require quite a space to work, or time.
All while MBT or light tank can nearly instantly shoot you with it’s APDSFS and have so much spall it evaporates you.

Especially funny how people called IFVs equivalent to a light tank before the rework, as it didnt make sense even then.


Fun thing is ATGM carriers are still able to perform decently but just because the missile barely need to adjust the trajectory in order to follow the player sight. IFVs are screwed if they need to hit something at less than 500m because the launchers are usually way offset and the missiles take a lot of time to adjust, making them go side to side for too long, so good luck hitting the target where you need to.

For me, I sort of “swing” the missiles in. You cant hit exact spots but you can get decently close. Last night, i used the stock atgm to kill a turms by swinging the missile into the roller wheels to bypass the era

And thats a problem, ATGMs are practically a spear which you either miss or hit without much of your control, unless its long distance shot into standing target.

  1. the launch of ATGMs makes it go way to down.
  2. while making bigger and faster corrections is not a way to achieve accuracy, like it should be, small and steady corrections make ATGMs be a weapon of either spear or sturdy control over a distance.
  3. With long range ATGMs, even a slight move into other direction can offset them and make them wiggle like crazy.
  4. Missiles being offset from main gun sight which isnt as big of a problem irl, actually is a big problem in game.
  5. Please learn to model from GHPC 😁

With regular ATGMs you have to take into account the launcher position on the vehicle, it always has been like that, though with the more realistic missile mechanics you didn’t have to adjust it so hard manually. You might want to try shooting them a bit like grenades, from behind cover and then adjust down so the missile flies towards a target from above.
TOW2B simply suffers from it’s ridiculous penetration, shooting the same guy 4 times only to hit the breech twice (and failing to do any damage with the other 2 missiles) is normal. Russian turrets in particular and cursed designs like begleit will often eat all of your 2Bs, consider shooting them at something else.

you are not supposed to use them, unless certain maps and only the vehicles with unmanned turret or the shot in movement Russians.
Being in the game doesn’t means that you should use it 💁🏻‍♀️

Oh my bad I thought we were meant to play the vehicles we unlock mb

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No … No at all, you should have learned with the dardo, every fun vehicle on Italian tree was murdered and with it pretty much the rest

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I assume the Russian ATGMs still work.


Yeah… they do.

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what about the vehicles that rely on them, like most IFVs

dont use it
sending bug report wont help either, they wont listen
because these shitty ATGM flight pattern has been around for like 5-8 years

You don’t play them.

Wonder what it takes for snail to actually do something about it… surely this is outside their stupid metrics.


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Normally? Both clips just look like someone missing their target.

Missing the target doesn’t mean the missile is bad…

222 meters…

Ew, they’re not evan as realistic as War Thunder.

Weird of you and Suffers to claim TOWs are Russian missiles.
Are you trying to provoke Americans?

Weird comment.


On the first clip you first hit the side of the tank and then probably killing the driver and gunner with the second missile,

On the second clip you use TOW-2B with only 100mm penetration power, and if you consider the extra 100mm-130mm plate on the exact spot you hit + the ~70mm-100mm turret roof you ain’t going past it.

He is the original dual account straw man.