How about uptier limiting?

Oh so you bail out of matches that you think aren’t favouring you?

Ahhh I see where your issue really lays then…

I don’t have an “issue”, I’m having a great time. OP, you, and others seem to be having an issue, I never was.


But you’re saying you go back to hangar don’t you, so you are indeed having the issue that the OP is having… I’m not having an issue, after all, I’m not the one throwing out my problems into the game.

When you encounter an obstacle, but then find a completely workable easy solution for overcoming it, you don’t “have an issue”. You solved it already. I would have had an issue, if I hadn’t found a simple solution. But I did.

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When you surround yourself with weaklings who can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, and moan all the time about how hard things are, you will start being the same…

It’s all a matter of mindset… Unfortunately we’ve had a certain section of the community think they’re a lot more ‘effective’ at making an issue, compared to actually playing the game, thanks to the old ‘review bombing’ lol.

I have no idea what you’re trying to say anymore, never said anything about weaklings, never moaned about literally anything,


‘OMG this tank is bad’ ‘No it’s not’ ‘yes it is, I die all the time in it and people always say it’s that’ ‘You need to learn it’ ‘NO you’re being mean’

I never said any tank was bad. I never said I die in anything all the time. I never said anyone was being mean. Did you get bonked on the head by something since earlier in this conversation?

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If you know you’re upteired, then don’t drive out like you’re not…

Surround yourself with blamers and excusers for your issues, and you will be exactly the same.

((False flaggers can’t handle straight advice))

I never said I DID drive out like I wasn’t. I never said I had any issue (in fact I said the opposite), I never blamed anyone (for what would I be blaming them, even? I never mentioned a problem that there would be blame FOR)…

Again we continue with this long string of completely made up memories/facts from you about a conversation that never happened.

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Only problem with this is, they will take a stock vehicle into every match to avoid getting uptiers, but they will never play them, to keep them stock

i mean… they can fix that by knowing that the vehicle is spaded , and just had some of its components/upgrades disabled, etc

I urge you to respond to your thread then because it’s quite obvious that you’re only wanting that echo chamber.

You can easily address that by just treating it like the rest of the BR system. As in your BR is that of the TOP thing in your lineup. The normally-6.0 stock vehicle being treated as 5.7 while stock, would not change the fact that you have 6.0 spaded vehicles elsewhere in your lineup, which still makes you get matched at 6.0. I think it’s a good idea.

Heh? What are you on about. If I bring a full lineup of 5.3 USSR ground, but have my PT-76 stock because I absolutely despise using APCR, then I will never get an uptier, I’m not talking about “disabling” modifications, I’m talking about just never spading a vehicle to stop getting uptiers

Who’d have thought I could put out my own examples of how people are in this game on the regular, and that when people chime in about all the troubles they have, the assumption of what you want to be right, becomes right, even if it’s not.

Of course other people say those things sometimes. But you clicked “Reply to A-Cute-Chihuahua” and wrote them out THERE, not just in your own post. Yet they are not a reply to me. You seem confused how forums work, I guess.

To clarify: not only did I merely not happen to say those things, but they are in fact all incorrect as well. I do perfectly fine in uptiers, it just isn’t fun to skulk around waiting to find side shots etc., it’s boring as hell. No thanks, I’m here to have fun.

ah, i see what you mean… I mean… there are ways around that and just something that would need to be addressed (maybe if you have 2 or more spaded vehicles in your line up, you are eligible for full up tiers, etc, but yeah, that would be an issue)

Yet you’re in this thread, seeming to advocate returning to the hangar…

Yes, I do advocate that. It’s more fun. it’s not “necessary to succeed”. It’s more FUN.

Are you aware that “fun” is not a synonym for “being top of your team”?

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