How about uptier limiting?

everyone hates uptiers and loves downtiers right? i’ve tought of a way to make uptiers more bearable and downtiers even better;

in a match, there will always be 1 br difference between the lowest br vehicle in the match and highest br vehicle in the match, however, there is nothing said about numbers of said vehicles present in the match

uptiers will hit different if you are the only say 8.7 vehicle and everyone else is 9.7 than if everybody is 8.7 and there is one 9.7 guy flying around.

so what if we limit the number of high br vehicles in the match? so there cant be more than say… 20% of the vehicles 1 full br higher than yours?

additionally, if you get downtier, it is actually going to be a downtier, where you can farm properly as long as you know what you are doing.

if you want more - it gets even better; did you know that not only there can be 1 br difference between lowest br and highest br vehicle in the match, but where always will be?

how about we abolish that rule when there are enough players around? so there can be matches where vehicles will only be 0.7 br apart or even just 0.3! or all the same br!

what do you think?


I believe there already is a limit of 4 per team for max players with vehicles of +1 BR…


My approach to this is simple. Don’t think too much about the BR. I take a look on the tanks my team brings and then I get a feeling for what I might face in battle. And then I simply do my best.
What I say now will hurt somebody maybe … nobody needs to agree to that.
If you always think … “meeh I got no chance … I’m just the lowtier bob in this match” … guess what will happen. You will play like you have no chance. Everybody knows those situations in life where you expected something bad will happen and it happend. It’s the same thing. You expect that you will fail and you will fail because of this.
But it works the other way too. Expect something good and it will happen. Sounds crazy I know.

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im sorry, but no matter how hard one tries, there is no fighting 9.3-9.7 supersonics in 8.7 transonic jet, hell, even 9.0 ones stand a chance only if the supersonics do a major mistake

You don’t fight them directly then… You remain aware that you aren’t top dog, and don’t go out alone.

And do what everyone else hates, hang around your AI AAA…

The answer is not nice but simple. Then don’t try. It is not your task as lowtier in this case. Can be frustrating.

im not having problem with that not being my task, but lack of any tasks at all i could do xd (and are actually rewarding)

And there lies the problem. How to get rewarded for beeing not the king in the ring. Instead of doing something about the br-spread we can bring more benefits to situations like this. For ground battle I got some ideas but I got no clue about air battles.

just introduce air rb EC (actual and not that disgusting spin-off you will find in air rb), tickets being the main gameplay factor as in tank battles, air rb would no longer be TDM, but actual aircraft playing roles they were intended for.

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also, high tier jets are in a desparate need for decompression

Great idea! In my younger days I was flying for a virtual squadron Stg2 Immelmann from germany. Hell that was fun. If those old IL-1946 days could come back …

Learn to play against uptiers and you wont care

You can force those to make mistakes, but that’s always putting yourself in danger first.

No, what will happen is that I will click “Back to Hangar” and go play an actually fun game instead with a different lineup. (For most lineups. If’ it’s all Pz IVs or something that can be comfortable like 3 BRs above their own, then whatever, but most lineups it makes a huge difference)

i mean. it sounds okay… I think a bigger thing is that for Non spaded vehicles, they shouldnt allow uptiers (maybe .3, but not more)

This is even worse because you act selfish in a game which depends highly on teamplay and leave your team alone in a situation where your skill could make a difference. But I know it’s always Gaijins or the other players fault …

i sorta agree but also disagree :P most tanks are fine in a full up tier. Some better than others of course… but if your tanks cannon is the issue, then you have to play better and get side shots, etc (just think that you can take an m22 to to like. 6.0 and get some kills, just play like that and be sneaky)

But yes, i do see your point.

  1. I just don’t care the slightest bit. It’s a video game, I’m not stealing fresh water from children in the street. Get over it, tbh. Gaijin made this the way to have fun, the game is for having fun not community service, so there you go.

  2. It doesn’t matter to other players big picture anyway, because over any period of time, I’m equally likely to have been ditching from THEIR team as I am from their ENEMY’S team. So my net impact on them is zero. Sometimes I’m hurting them, equally often I’m helping them, over dozens/hundreds of games. (And that’s assuming I don’t get replaced in matchmaking anyway, which I usually would)

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It’s funny whenever I see silly statements like this. Fun is what you make it.

And what I make it is “clicking back to hangar and trying again”, what was your point?