How about adding personal skill slider to match maker

How about adding a personal skill slider to match maker from novice to ace.

Something like if your a;

Novice 1BR down to 0.7 up
Competent 1BR down to 1 up
Expert 0.7BR down to 1.3 up
Ace 0.3BR down to 1.7 up

Obviously rewards would be adjusted, but it would give the skilled and seasoned players a challenge. Also with a positive K/D you cant go low to prevent seal bashing

Then, can you show me how to kill Leopard2A7Vs(11.7) with T-72B(10.0) in every game with your outstanding skill?
It’s just SUFFERING.

Thats the challenge 😆

I’m so lucky that I’m a noob so that no need for me to do so, LOL

Then you could select novice untill your confident ;)

Yeah,and after we have that ,I guess 99% of players will just annoucee they are noobs to get some tactial advances

There would be no reward for it, match maker would know what level you are

Maybe furious killing downtier are just rewards
Even more inportant than SL or RP caz you just not play the game for this
Are you play for SL? Or just for shooting a tank and enjoy its explosion?

I dont think the match maker would allow seal bashing

I have no confidence on gaijin’s balance system

I would not be surprised its not all ready hidden in match maker, there are players who complain about getting uptier all the time

are “noobs” those who have a 2011 laptop with Windows 7 sp 1 and dx9.0c? and experienced players are those who have a powerful computer with a giant monitor?..

No idea, but i dont think your kind of noob would meet WT min requirements

Actually it meets the requirements. I’ve been playing on an old laptop for a year and a half. And soon I’ll have to do it again.

No you dont. Dx 10.1

In general, different levels of players (computers) in one battle are realistic. For example, you can take the battle of the Mariana Islands, where Japanese schoolchildren in planes made by Japanese schoolgirls tried to scratch the American fleet…

What has this got t do with my topic anyway?

this is about the fact that you can live without sliders…


You know that you can put a high br air in your lineup and use low level tanks, right ?