Hotas Setup

Hi Gents,

I have a noob question with regards to sim. If something has been posted before please let me know.

I have played the game for a long time and played some air sim (Mouse and Keyboard) but I have recently got myself a Hotas/Peddles and Track IR 5 and ready to give it a proper go.

Previously playing sim (Mouse/Keyboard) you had that white Circle appear, I would just like to find out if you have your Stick setup will this automatically disappear? If not what would I need to do?



I assume you are talking about the mouse direction indicator with the 4 lines and white circle. If yes, then yes, while setup with trackIR and HOTAS you won’t see those anymore.

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Awesome, thanks for taking the time to respond much appreciated :)

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don’t hesitate if you have any other questions about SIM setup, always nice to help new SIM enjoyers :p

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Appreciate that! I just need to setup everything today, and then I may need a wingman ;)

which nation/BR you gonna play in ?

I have most top tier for most nations, just need to work on the Mirage 4000 now. And you?

Sadly can’t confirm that 100%: You need to set your controls to anything but “mouse control”, and also sometimes need to deactivate the instructor.

In my case for example it often jumps back to mouse and instructor, even though I never touched this, and always fly wit stick/throttles/pedals since I started, and also saved all my controls presets like this.

Still WT sometimes likes to jump into mouse/instructor for me…

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Thanks Schindibee, I will keep this in mind! But i must say I am excited to start this next chapter in WT.

Would it be possible to see a screenshot of your settings ?

Don’t have screenshots, but here the setup of my HOTAS:

Note however that I also have a custom built side console with additional functions, but the most important stuff I have on the HOTAS.

Awesome thanks much appreciated :)

Hi Mamba

I use HOTAS in sim (xbox) and find it much more immersive and enjoyable than using a mouse pointer to fly.

I made a sheet like this to set up my controls:

I still use a key board for extra buttons and a mouse to look around while flying.

Keep in mind it will take some time to set up all the needed keybinds, so save each iteration until you find what works, you can also save and load different setups for different aircraft, i.e. props and jets, etc. For example I use the numpad for MEC on props and for the jets the numpad for the radar controls. Spend time in test flight and custom missions until it works best before going into a live match. Being able to look around and controlling the aircraft should be top priority, firing the primary and secondary weapons next. thereafter controlling stuff like engines, radar, wing sweep, weapon selection etc.

The X, A, B and Y buttons are used as modifiers to give the other buttons more than one function.

Have fun.

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Thanks so much for this, I’ve setup pretty much everything last night, I just need to get used to using the TrackIR lol but i will use this as i find more things!

Thanks again!

a few tips here:

  • dont use “precision mode”, it in my experience only makes it more clumsy to use

  • adjust the movement responses to your liking. especially at the beginning, having a bit of a deadzone in the center helps, as you don’t get dizzy with constant “jittering” of the movement with te slightest headmovement.

  • make sure you have a button mapped to toggle tracking on/off: there are situations where you don’t want headtracking, e.g. when landing etc.

  • make sure you have the button for centering mapped

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