Horribly low rewards for ground

As a recent example for me, it took me 291 battles to fully research a 8.7 tank, with premium on for probably 40-50% of the time. Keep in mind that I usually do well in this tank as the example. Gaijin seems to “buff” rewards on paper but in practice it keeps making it worse at every step, stabbing us in the back.

Edit: 295 battles + the RB ones with 75% WR but still…


You’re not meant to play only one vehicle, time spent in battle is a heavy factor for rewards. More so than performance.

You can see this reflected in the after action report from battles.


Year after year I get less rp for time spent overall in any game mode

I find this incredibly difficult to believe that it took 7x the kills to spade that vehicle, not counting RB matches you mentioned, when it took me 99 kills to spade an MBT-70 at 9.3 in RB with a worse winrate. Add to that the disparity of RP earned displayed on yours compared to my MBT-70s 60k on that screen. What makes it more unbelieveable is that the MBT-70 requires 30k more RP than the tank you are talking about. Even without premium for half the time and ODL it still doesn’t seem to add up, especially when the reward multipliers for RP are only around 20 percent off of each other.

I would love to see the math on how it actually worked out because I checked what average RP you got if it took you 291 games to spade it at 158k rp for all mods. The resulting average RP per game would have to be 542, which is abysmal for someone with almost a 3/1 kdr in a vehicle.

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I don’t know what to tell you to be honest, I was expecting a comment like yours so I took a print after the match when I researched my last module, the tier1 smoke shells.

Also keep in mind that this vehicle had very expensive modules when it was the end of its line, before they changed that, I had probably close to 200 matches with only a few modules unlocked.

That shows absolutely nothing. Your story seems quite unbelieveable because the math and circumstances just don’t quite add up or make sense.

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Well. I don’t know how else to prove it, but the truth is that I spaded the vehicle after almost 300 matches

I don’t play much ground RB, and rewards for Air RB which I play a lot are ok. But ground arcade is ridiculous. Takes forever to unlock new tanks at higher tiers, good thing that I unlocked most of the stuff I wanted years ago, because nowadays I just can’t grind new stuff without playing a ridiculous amount of matches

Look at the date

Seems like after some time the notifications get a full date

Putting aside this exact example, I too feel that the rewards are just getting lower and lower. I remember some years back where I could get 20k+ RP from just one battle (granted, I was using a lineup of a couple of premium tanks). I have no direct proof ofcourse because this is quite hard to measure, but I simply feel that it’s getting progressively harder and harder to earn a good amount of RP from ground battles. This becomes especially apparent when you play both air RB and ground RB, where air grants significantly higher rewards for average performance.

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To be fair, last year they added the skill bonus. This bonus globally gives more RP from kills. That’s why there is a theory that the recent RP nerfs (like the reduction of critical hits in Air battles) are connected to that. But we don’t know the global stats, so it’s hard to say if the overall average RP gains currently are higher or lower than before they added the skill bonus. Especially the devs also have something called the game mode multiplier, they admit to adjust when needed (when rewards are too high or too low).

This is just a theory of course, and I have no idea if it’s correct or not. But the silence from the devs about some nerfs also means something. If you see a nerf in the game that is not explained or even listed anywhere, and when you ask about this all staff members suddenly become silent, this can give you hints about the situation.

I’m far from accepting all the conspiracy theories (in my opinion most of them are hilarious), but it really looks weird when they first increase the RP from kills (skill bonus), and then reduce kill rewards in other areas silently (removed most critical hits, reduced combined rewards). I have to admit, it looks suspicious.

The difference between Ground and Air Realistic was always huge. In fact, it’s just Air Realistic game mode that has different rules. All other game modes, apart from the game mode multiplier, have the same rules. So for example, killing a tank in Ground Arcade gives you 200 score. If you kill a tank in Ground Realistic, you will get the same 200 score (assuming no BR difference between you and the target). But in Air Realistic is works differently, this mode gives you many more points for the same action than in Air Arcade (2.5 times more points to be exact). Also the activity % is counted differently in Air Realistic, which is also unique (other game modes use different activity % formula).

PS: I don’t play Sim, so I don’t know how it works there.

All this means that in Air Realistic you don’t have to do much to get great RP results, if you only understand how the system works (it changed from mainly action-based to mainly time-based in 2021). I wish it was working the same way in other game modes. Then researching and upgrading vehicles wouldn’t be a problem. But with how everything works currently, only Air Realistic RP rewards are great.

  1. you are only using 3 tanks
  2. you dont have all the free slots to put more tanks on your lineup
    3.France suffers

something is very wrong with this whole thing.

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Actually the SK-105A2 is a VERY good tank and it’s lineup is really strong as well.

Nod. It just doesn’t add up.


1 lifer in arcade?
doesnt explain the rp issue though.

It doesn’t matter how many tanks you use in the battle. The time-based system only counts the time on the specific vehicle. It won’t increase your rewards on the specific vehicle if you use other vehicle in the same battle.

This is a pretty common misunderstanding of the system, and I’m not sure where this came from.

The mission RP reward formula was revealed by the devs after the 2021 changes and looks like this:

The mission RP reward = time alive on the vehicle (in seconds) * win/lose multiplier (1.2 for a win, 0.8 for a lose) * game mode multiplier (hidden value used by the devs to keep rewards on the desired level) * vehicle RP multiplier (can be checked on the vehicle stats card) * activity (%) on the vehicle (/100)

So the only thing I can think of is the OP simply pushes too hard in battles and dies too early. Before the 2021 RP changes it was a good strategy, but now it just doesn’t work well.

The right column on the screenshot shows he gained 183k action RP on this vehicle. Which is the RP without mission rewards. And to spade this vehicle fully you only need 158k RP. Maybe he switches battles very quickly and his research progression speed is affected by the RP bug:

Which is actually what I suspect happened there. So his global RP gains are much higher than RP put into modifications because of the RP bug.

My suggestion is to change the playstyle. Just play less aggressively and try to survive the battle, even with less kills. This will give you much more RP per battle.

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I think what you mentioned about moving from a reward system based on actions to a system based on time is the reason why the rewards feel lower. When the games only last 10 minutes, it doesn’t matter if you perform well because your gains are limited by the total game time. I really dislike this as it demotivates players from trying to perform well, which in turn feeds into negative attitudes such as one-death leaving or just rushing in and dying. I feel like players that take time to get good, and try in their games to perform well should be rewarded in a more significant way than what we see now. I am still happy about the skill bonuses ofcourse, as before they were introduced there was 0 incentive to even try. Still, more needs to be done I feel.

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It’s the opposite. They changed the system because previously players just rushed at the beginning of the battle, tried to get as many kills as possible, and it was enough to give them 100% activity. Sure, the old system also had time-based rewards, but actions were much more important for the average RP/minute.

With the current system, leaving battles early will never give you good RP. That’s exactly why they changed the system. They didn’t want players that play too aggressively to get much better RP rewards than players who stay in the battle.

That’s exactly the problem with the new system. Air Arcade and Ground Arcade battles were hit the hardest by this change, because battles in these modes are usually shorter and you can do nothing about this.

Lately I had a Ground Arcade battle where I used a 500% RP booster. I survived, I was first in the team, with a good score. But because my team was wiped out quickly, and the battle lasted only 7 minutes, I didn’t get good RP from it:

Only 9k RP with 6 kills, 4 assists, 2.3k score using 500% RP booster is a joke. Unfortunately, that’s the problem of the new system. I just couldn’t get more in a 7 minutes battle.

In my experience, to get a good RP reward, you need battles where you survive at least 10-11 minutes. And many Arcade battles don’t last that long. On the old forum players mentioned this problem, but we never got any reply from the devs about this issue.

That’s also the reason why Naval Arcade battles can still give you very good RP. Battles there last much longer, so you potentially can get much better RP, just because the average battle lasts about 15 minutes.

Of course there can’t be a system that is perfect for every playstyle. But in my opinion the current system shouldn’t punish players only because the battle was short. Especially if you survive from the start to the end of the battle. I really don’t like this, but it’s not up to me.


100% agreed. I’m very happy when I can a battle match where the match will go on as long as I keep spawning and don’t lose our objective. These matches are almost always gauranteed to last longer.

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