Hope to provide the default FOX3*2 missile for top tier TT jet

I don’t want to make biased evaluations about the new FOX3 environment, until I noticed that the default MSL for AV8B+ is 9L*2.

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Actually, what I mean is that jets in the Fox3 environment should not only have IR missiles as default weapons.
The effective attack range of IR missiles is no longer easy to reach.

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Just [Game Discussion] not [Suggestion]

You have to be joking. FOX-3s are the best missiles you can get right now. They should always be the missiles to get at the end of the modification tree.

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What you said makes sense, especially since AV8B+is an extreme example, it doesn’t even have FOX1 weapons as a compromise option.

Multiple top tier aircraft are still stuck with standard IR missiles (aim-9L) as stock weapons whilst others have gotten IRCCM IR missiles stock (Aim-9M, Aim-9Li, Magic II, R-73) and it feels a bit random withwise to who gets what. Neither the Sea Harrier FA2 or Tornado F3 Late have yet to get that stock buff, but the ICE did.

I do think its time for them to consider SARH stock, but at top tier they are currently kinda useless, so Id rather take Chaff stock instead, alongside IRCCM missiles for all


Using FOX2 to fight against FOX1 seems to be at least using RPG against tanks, against FOX3 feels like throwing my RPG and then stuffing me a C4.
"You! Time to become a hero (in action movies) ! "

This topic is still primarily focused on discussion, there is no need for absolute viewpoints to emerge.

In a sense, every aircraft that could potentially compete with BR13.0 should consider this issue.

They are definitely not.

When i was spading F-15C i got more kills with Sparrows compare to Aim-9M’s, thanks to reduced multipath.

Stock chaff, Fox-1/3 missiles should be avaliable for all top tier planes, currently stock grinding is terrible and forces you to spend GE.