Hope to modify the recently updated radar switching mode

Perhaps the original intention of this update is good, but the reality is that more players are willing to adjust the radar search mode themselves. The updated radar is not efficient enough, and it will randomly switch modes, leading to the failure of semi-active radar missiles


I agree,that confuse me a lot and ruin my game experience


I agree


What planes does this affect, i do not know much about radar but am willing to learn, some radars are pretty much usless in ARB

Suggest adding a setting to enable and disable automatic switching


It will affect all aircraft with radar and semi-active radar missiles

On my hunter i have a short range radar, 75km sometimes it has 2 cones on my screen 1 over lapping the other at a differnt angle, is that this new thing doing that?

. I have javelin that has search radar and gimbles the air missils lock, but not played it since uodate. I shall try that now

Maybe a switch on this auto mode ?
I think this mode is useful for those who just come to top tier Air fight players.
But the old players don’t need this function.


For hunters, it doesn’t have any impact because it doesn’t have semi-active radar missiles

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All planes with radar and semi-active radar misseiles,such as Su-27,Mig-29,F-14/15/16,M2k,J-11

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What BR does semi active start at?

up to 11.0

So basicly anything that has forward aspect missiles?

I do not understand why they make it automatic. Why lower the skill ceiling even further? On top of messing up the parameters of radar acquisition!?

skill ceiling ? rn the direction that the game is going Toptier is going to become easy mode while reserve will be the high skill ceiling :D


Well that is what I am saying, the skill floor is already under the house so why they do this as well makes no sense.

It reminds me of Naval battles, where everyone has built in aimbot… a joke

Generally depends on the tech tree, For example the US tree has it’s first Semi-active radar homing missiles at 9.3 (iirc)