Ho229 V3 engine thrust and handling issues have not been solved, and now face F86A and mig15? Looks like it's time for me to give up ho229 and give up WT

I’ve been trying very hard to drive 229, and it’s been hard to keep playing,For a fighter that is so weak that no one has left to fly it, you have once again brought him up against an old enemy from many years ago.F86A and MIG15???
In previous versions of the game, against the yak23 g91 F86 and mig15 driven by enemies, the ho229 has a flexible maneuver and a good engine to contend with, at least not easily killed. And now?
Game balance adjustment staff in the end have played ho229 seriously?

(RB) Dive acceleration is slow, engine thrust values are not correct in the game, and dive acceleration is slowed down in the current mouse flight mode.

The ho229’s dive speed as a flying wing fighter is much lower than other fighters in the game

Perhaps consider restoring the ho229 engine thrust and raising it to 7.3

Please fix dive acceleration, engine thrust.
Otherwise, I can’t think of any motivation for me to continue to spend many years playing WT, and I am really forced to watch my favorite aircraft suffer from the so-called “balance” over and over again.And I’m one of the few ho229 pilots out there, and no one has even told you that the updated changes are seriously affecting this fighter!


How come?

If you have sources that disagree with Gaijin’s flight model and engine thrust values, file a bug report! Complaining on the forum saying “please fix …” without any evidence won’t get noticed.

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Bug reports almost never work wnd definitely wont work for the 229 which in game is a fake vehicle they’ll just disregard anything about it

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Not every player is a programmer, do I find a problem with the game and have to break down the packet and analyze it before committing?
You tell me what you do when an airplane you’ve flown for years clearly senses an anomaly in the RB? Unpack analysis?
I’m a player, not a programmer, ok?
This is an in-game error, not the difference between paper and real performance, you understand?

You don’t have to look for presence here, poor thing, because if it was something you cared about, you’d have a different opinion.

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The dive acceleration of the flying wing is even lower than that of the meteor F3,Horizontal control in the dive state, the deceleration effect can even be more obvious than the deceleration plate.(pseudo rudder Excessive air resistance)Or what other reason

Stop strawmanning. Nobody is asking you to be a programmer or to analyse packets, all that’s being asked is for you to submit a bug report with factual information if you think something’s wrong with the game. If your source for an engine having too little thrust is “trust me bro” then you don’t have a bug report, you just have a complaint. If your source for the flight model accelerating too slowly in a dive is “trust me bro” rather than historical data then you have no argument.

Is complaining about another round rightly having better ballistics the hill you really want to die on? German 30mm mineshells had terrible muzzle velocity and poor ballistics, whereas .50cals are far better off at the cost of far less damage. Good luck getting your mineshells to reach targets 1.5km out. Even still, it’s very difficult to hit a target at 2km after the ballistics nerfs to pretty much all aircraft guns a year or two ago.


I hope you can respond with a normal perspective on others, thank you.

Have you ever used in-game commit data? The picture upload folder is the wrong location, the picture can not even upload, I came to the forum. I’ve been flying this plane to level 86 for years, and if you think I’m complaining to you or just talking about it you can stop, ignore the subject, stop treating me like I’m mentally retarded, and teach me how to use a fork, thank you.

It’s not about ballistics? They DISAPPEAR! Test it and shoot to the ground.

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Gaijin artificially nerfed it back in 2017 and then neglected it like every other part of the game, completely ruined the belt by filling the HVAP belt with trash, massive gun dispersion and completely annihilated the flight model.


sounds like you’re a well adjusted person with no problems~!

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Still waiting for its bombs:

But you’re smart, do you want a medal?

All I have to say, honestly, is this:




Talked about the nerfs that happened a while back it’s sad that this plane got butchered bc of the balancing reasons that happened years ago

Ho-229 is equipped with MK103. They easily reach 1,5km. But if I remember right, their range used to be laughably short. And probably nothing has been changed.

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha, brother, although I only play ho229, but and ho229 appears in the game against fighters, I know they are now in the game situation. R2Y2 without high altitude starting point, there is no advantage, I still see very few drivers driving it, very few, your picture can be said to be a very intuitive reflection of its situation.

At least the high altitude R2Y2 will still put pressure on the enemy.

With the current thrust of the ho229, his speed with the bomb will be reduced to 500

But sadly, the existing problems have not been addressed and solved, the hope of adding bombs is a distant dream, and even if added, it will only make the performance worse, because a large part of the ho229’s nerf is due to its too powerful ground attack.

And if I remember correctly, the ho229 was originally designated as an attack aircraft and later modified to be a fighter aircraft.