Ho-Ri Prototype should be lowered in BR

Like said previously by so many, there is no reason that the Ho-Ri should even be anywhere close to 6.7, in comparison to other casemate tank destroyers such as the Ferdinand and Su-122-54. This tank cannot kill a Ferdinand from the front, yet can easily be one shot by the Ferdinand, the Ferdinand has a faster reload access to a 279 pen APCR round and the PzGr 39/43 with 237mm of pen which absolutely beats the pitiful 205mm Type 2 APHE.

Things the Ferdinand does better than the Ho-Ri at 6.7

  • Higher pen of 237/279 vs 205mm meaning it can have a kill shot on the Ho-Ri yet the Ho-Ri does not have a kill shot on the Ferdinand.

  • Higher armour values 200/80/80 and 200/80/80 on the Ferdinand vs 75/55/35 and 150/55/35. Whilst the Ferdinand does have sloped armour protecting its Hull more than the stated armour value, the turret is not angled as well as the lower hull of the Ho-Ri.

  • Faster reload at 8.7s vs 11.18s.

The Ho-Ri prototype sits at a BR where it can easily be uptiered to face American heavy tanks which can easily pen the Ho-Ri yet unless you go for MG port shots you can’t kill them at all. If lowered in BR it would still be able to be killed by enemy tank destroyers and heavy tanks, a heavy tank destroyer made in 1944 should not face off against cold war tanks that can kill this immobile weak TD yet it cant even penetrate enemies.


the Ho-Ri is not even a real tank and I am fine with where it is.


perfectly fine at its BR.
Have you played the tech tree version at 7.0 by any chance?

It has like 28mm more pen at a higher br, doesnt give as much rewards of sl or rp as the premium, costs more to repair.
And i do very well with the tech tree one at 7.0 soooo

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If you’re gonna comment at least provide something of substance bar I’m fine where it is. The Ho-Ri may not have existed but that’s not really a justification for it to be at a specific BR considering many vehicles don’t exist and are in Warthunder


Well still I could care less as the English_Ham pointed out crazy pen on the tech tree one

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The tech tree version at 7.3 is less likely to encounter significantly armoured enemies and is more likely to see cold war tanks which have less emphasis on armour and more on mobility. It itself also has 50% more armour.


I am not so sure about your first statement.

I will still stand by what i said, i reckon the br is fine at 6.7, i mean you may not be able to pen a ferdy from the front but that is not really any kind of baseline to judge the vehicle.

I wont condescend to you and tell you what to do but it genuinely is fine at its BR.

The Prototype is fine. It doesn’t need to go lower or any higher. It performs fine at the Br its at. Nor is it performance subpar to its contemporaries at that BR.

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No… Both the Ho - Ri prototype and the Ho-Ri production are at basically perfect BR’s.

so this whole topic/comment/discussion is idiotic.


no need to be rude.

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That was me being nice.


Try harder.

ill think about it…

but i doubt it.

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Being at 6.7 means you face the brunt of WW2 and early Cold War vehicles where the emphasis is on heavy armour i.e American and German heavy tanks. Being at 7.3 means whilst you could face them but also lesser armoured MBTs such as the Leopard and such vehicles.
I mean you cant compare two versions of the same tank to each other, but you can judge Heavy casemate tank destroyers at 6.7 to each other and that is the fact that a ferdy and other 6.7 TDs are better to the Ho-Ri

It also has twice the horsepower (1100 vs 550) for a 27% increase in weight (65 vs 51 tons) giving it 16.92 hp/ton compared to the Prototype’s 10.78. It is far more mobile.

I forgot it also has much more armor.


True, true.
But is lower BR, and premium.

If all vehicles were identical it would be a boring game.

If we all held this mentality, there would 1000 br’s and you would only ever see 1 other vehicle at any given br if even that.

the game should be deleted

I am not arguing any of this.

I’m pointing out you left out a lot, and perhaps the main differences between the two tanks.

I did yes, but I just think it doesn’t change anything :)

Higher HP means you can get to better positions faster than the enemy giving you an advantage rather than being late to the party with 50% less armour.

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