Hit consistency game mechanic explanations please!

I’m not here to start conspiracy theories I just want to know why my ground gaming sessions appear to follow a predictable similar experience.

I am not an insane ground tank player, I’m more a pilot than tanker but I have been getting into the ground experience over the last month. I’m enjoying it and currently playing german, russian, british, and american trees.

I’ve read guides on where to aim, I’ve studied the weakpoints of the most common vehicles I encounter at the B.R.‘s I enjoy, I spent some money on maxing out two crews per nation for my favorite slots, it all doesnt’ seem to matter, my games follow a seemingly predictable experience.

Game 1: If I get a clean shot at a tank the shot usually kills the tank, whether I’ve aimed at a weakpoint or not the clean hit usually penetrates and I get a kill. I often get 2-4 kills in my first match of the session.

Game 2: I usually get one or two kills however I note that clean shots on some tanks bounce when I don’t expect them too. Usually need 2-4 shells per tank to kill. Alternatively I’ve had encounters with enemy tanks where I 100% know I should have died but For whatever reason the shell bounced did minimal damage my next shot took out his gunner or destroyed his barrel or what have you allowing me to flank him and win.

Game 3 onwards, usually slight uptier or full uptiered, plenty of bounces and frustration. Plenty of times found a good flank sight enemy tank not aware of me, aim carefully for weakpoints, shell bounces, enemy turns, I die.

Often I find myself log off after two games because of this predictable nature I’ve encountered the past month.

I am not getting tired, impatient, I am not changing my gameplay. It honestly feels like the game decides whether your hit will penetrate or not. It feels like sometimes the game helps you survive an encounter you shouldn’t, one that stuck out to me last night was I had a tiger bouncing 88mm shells off my t34-100 when he got the drop on me at close range from the side, I turned towards him and popped a shell straight through his mg port. He was less than 50m away from me. I felt bad getting that kill I know I didn’t deserve it.

Alternatively I’ve been in the same situation where I get the drop on a tank, place a shot at close range and it does NOTHING.

Could someone who understands the mechanics better please tell me what is going on.