Historic battles dedicated room for Air SB


I would love to see a WT run dedicated room for the different conflicts and aircraft used in them. As it stands right now players create the rooms and sometimes they use historic opposing sides but many times it is an RP and SL grab so it’s just all the countries on some random map which I find boring and uninteresting.

The simple way would be to just have a constant open room that would rotate conflicts every 3 hours for which we already have maps and planes. Starting at the Spanish Civil War and ending at Israeli conflicts or even Gulf War conflicts but I don’t think there is a map for the Arabian landmass involved. You could set the BR to match the conflict and allow any plane from a given side that has the correct BR even if it didn’t see action during the conflict. This is the least time involved way for WT to set it up since most of the work is already done with how SB currently operates.

The more involved method and what I would like to see is the same rotating maps concept but limited to the aircraft that actually were involved rather than using the BR range. It would also be nice to use the correct skins if they already exist in game for the sides. For example, there are unlockable Spanish Civil War skins for German and Russian planes but if a player doesn’t have it unlocked, for this mode only they would be applied to their plane for more historic authenticity. While you can go into more involved programming of the historical battle I think it would be fine to leave it at a historic map that plays out like the existing SB maps play out with random AI events.

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