Hispanos Mk II are trash NOW!

I don’t know if it happens only to me because my pin is not so high that every shot it gives is only spark. I have used all types of ammunition and nothing, I see that the 0.50 cal does better damage than the 20mm. But it happens worse with the spitfire mk22 and mk 24.
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Known issue, last major patch broke cannon HE damage again. It feels like RealShatter all over again.

Quite how they manage to accidentally break a core part of their game and then either not know how to fix it, or simply not bother to do so for weeks is baffling.

Just don’t play air, or failing that stick to American planes with .50s. They are unaffected.


They managed to break HE effects, again.
Look forward to it being possibly fixed in a few years.


I think the problem is that they have not modeled the spalling of the HE bullets, for example the HE of the Hispanic has less explosive charge than the Mg151, but it did have more metal casing, so its damage would be based more on the spalling than in the explosive charge.

Not really. Try using a plane with two .50cals and then two Hispanos. You’ll notice the difference.

No it feels like that 20mm cannons actually doing realistic damage for once.

The main issue with Hispanos is that SAPI is bugged and just acts like HEFI without realShatter, that just creates a sphere of low damaging fragments, meaning you won’t be pilot sniping anyone from behind. Atm SAPI will kill an engine, if it hits it before it will turn itself into convetty 30cm after impact, then it will just deal no damage to an engine instead.

Also armor is currently bugged, rendering AP less effective than it should be.