Higher BR for the strikemaster

Strikemaster should br br 7.0- .3


Why? It’s pretty trash except for bombs.

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Probably died to it in ground.


Nah, those 7.7mm MGs are OP. Way more powerful than any 20mm Canon :P

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Most likely. The 7.7s are only regular AP so it isnt a huge threat in air rb.

Could the author of this claim perhaps refresh us with a few more reasons?

Probably because of


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Strike aircraft being good at destroying ground targets in air rb? Shocking!

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Im sorry if i landed a 540lb bomb on top of your tank lately, im getting good at delivering gifts from above and rtb to rearm before the gazillion fighters and early jets catch me lacking since droping 4 bombs is all the Strikemaster can do

Correction: i have also managed to shot down an Alpha jet and a G91, but i blame it on them tbh

Sits at 6.3 but is faster and just as maneuverable than props of the same BR.

Have you actually flown the strikemaster? Sure its faster but it has piss poor acceleration since its engine is weak and its limited to two rifle caliber machine guns with a single bad belt unless you bring gunpods all it has going for it is the maneuverability which you can just ignore so long as you aren’t a complete idiot who decides to turnfight everything he sees just energy fight it and watch it struggle to run away with its poor acceleration your most played aircraft is an energy fighter you should have no issue killing a plane that has issues maintaining or regaining energy


no you just suck at the game if you’re actually dying to a strikemaster outside of it bombing you

I was playing a Ki-83 when a Strikemaster outsped, outclimbed, and outturned me. Lower damage guns don’t matter when you get literally free shots at someone.

You’re a ki-83 there is literally no way a strikemaster outclimbed you and besides once again the strikemaster has performance similar to most early jets and what are early jets bad at ENERGY RETENTION ACCELERATION AND CLIMBRATE


Except he did outclimb me, and the Ki-83 has nonexistent energy retention and turn rate. There is no counterplay.

Thats quite literally physically impossible i literally just tested both aircraft with a 400kph starting speed at 50m as they both recieve airspawns levelling off to their respective optimal climb speed when it neared

At 260kph IAS it took the strikemaster 4:07s to reach 5km

At 250kph IAS it took the ki-83 2:27s to reach 5km
Its quite literally impossible for a strikemaster to outclimb you even if you weren’t on WEP it’d still be around the 3m mark maybe 3:20s to 5km


A shallow 15° spiral climb will leave the strikemasters engine struggling for air at altitude it will be unable to do anything to you


Why the fuck are you climbing at 260kph IAS in a jet? Yeah no wonder it gets outclimbed lmao.

You know what? After that, I’m not reading the rest. You clearly don’t know how aircraft work.

260kph is the optimal climb speed for the strikemaster the engine doesn’t produce a significant amount of lift like the f104 nor does its thrust curve lead to significant engine power increase at higher speeds if you want to tell me what speed to test it at go ahead because i guarantee it will climb worse

no you clearly read the rest of it but decided you didn’t want to admit you’re wrong so you made a half baked reply that essentially boils down too “im an idiot and i was proven to be an idiot and i dont want to admit im wrong so ill make a snide remark instead”

I even retested the climb at a higher IAS for you since im being nice
At 350kph IAS it takes the strikemaster 3:56s to reach 5km a slightly marginal increase but would lead to it being far ahead of the team and an easy kill as it would still be outclimbed