Patria AMVXP HITFACT 120mm turret

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Patria AMVXP 8x8 is a state-of-the-art, rugged, modular armored wheeled vehicle that provides superior firepower, protection, and mobility. The vehicle is available with world-class modular ballistic protection and the potential for state-of-the-art active defense systems. With the AMVXP the crew can be protected against IEDs, NBCs and have modular and scalable ballistic protection up to level K5+ and mine protection even above STANAG level 4a/4b. Its optimized shape, low radar and thermal signature enable superior stealth characteristics. the AMVXP is powered by a six-cylinder in-line engine, which generates 450 kW of power and 2,250 Nm of torque and reaches 100km/h on the road, thanks to a state-of-the-art fully independent hydropneumatic suspension system and a structure of the extremely robust chassis for high-speed off-road riding, ease of use and mobility are unmatched all this is based on a high performance drivetrain and superior suspension, and supported by large wheels and CTIS for low pressure at the ground, Run Flat system and optional rear axle steering for increased manoeuvrability. At IDEX 2019 Patria presented a version of this vehicle integrated with the Leonardo HITFACT turret, the weapon system consists of a 120mm smoothbore L 45 caliber low-recoil cannon capable of firing all standard 120mm NATO ammunition and a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun, the fire control system includes the commander’s independent observation day/thermal sight and the gunner’s primary stabilized day/thermal sight with full hunter-killer capability. The weapon is complemented by a pivotal commander-operated 7.62mm machine gun and a magazine-operated 12.7mm HMG. Sure this vehicle would be a lot of fun to play in War Thunder maps, I hope it will be added very soon.

Specifications - Performance:
Patria AMVXP -Specifications - Performance



Y’know after CT-CV 105HP I’m not sure how ready I am for another massive and lightly armored APC with a boomstick but sure I’ll give it a +1. Would work well as a higher tier tech tree or squadron alternative.


Could be the tech tree alt to the recent event 105? +1


It looks so NICE! I would like to see it ingame.


Idk if Gaijin would put it in the TT as research but i would love to have it as a replacement for the T-80 U