High tier Sweden: What's left?

A thread to discuss any ground vehicles used/developed by Sweden and other Scandinavian/Nordic countries from the modern era that have not come to the game as of yet, but could be added.

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strv 123 and leopard 2A7DK

CV90120 Ghost with addons that make it invisible in thermal vision (or very poorly visible)

CV90120 with armor upgrades, APS and hmg turret




CV 90120 Mod. 2007

I would say udes xx is more of a 10.0-10.3 material and not that modern per say.

As for other entries:

Strv 123 is still in plans
Leo2A8 is too much for other nations to counter
Leo2A7 is probably gonna arrive the upcoming year

Idk what the “Ghost” system your talking about, so you mean the SAAB MCS barracuda?

No, it is an ADAPTIV armor

Yeah, the Strv 123 still hasn’t been fully planned yet, it’s not completely sure about that’s changing, although, I can almost guarantee it’s getting the longer barrel, armor package, maybe a APS, and not to mention some upgraded thermals most likely.

Well we cant guarantee anything since it wasnt produced. Unless you are swedish official that is just leaking what he knows will happen :)))

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No, I wish I had a high ranking job like that, but some things have been released, and there is another thread about it, I will link it.

Yeah I saw this data but a lot can change before we will see this tank irl


NM116 my beloved


Modernised M24 Chaffee with 90mm D/925 low pressure gun, laser rangefinder, night vision optics, new diesel engine and a coaxial M3 .50 cal (allegedly from a Sabre jet)

Please allow me to plug the suggestion thread: Norwegian Model 116 Early :D

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Leopard 2A7NO
Leopard 2A8NO
Leopard 2A4NO
K2NO Black phanter trophy
K2NO Black phanter kaps
CV9030N Mk.3
CV9030N Mk.3 OPV
Leopard 2A7DK
Oerlicon skyranger
Leopard 2A5DK

this is just a couple, at the 2 highest tiers, and with finland there is more, sweden as well i believe

Could see this at 8.0 or 8.3

The top link in my thread states that a contract has already been signed and that the upgrades will include (among other things): the L/55 barrel with programmable ammunition, new night sights for gunner/driver/commander (“night-sight” in Swedish might be image intensifier or IR since the word includes both meanings), and so on. so some things are already decided.

I would like to see a CV9035 TD variant with the spike launcher (forgot what the missile is actually called).
Edit: AKERON is the missile.


they never were in norway as far as i remember, they only had a model with the thropy system and norway as well canceled their 2A7NO order it never happend

And lastly i finaly gotta ask, was their even a statement from gajin that denmark will be in the swedish tree or is that the wishes of you all? would be great if someone finds the statement for that one because 3 bigger nations in the sweden tree is already enough

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the video literaly is called firing MBDAS 5th generation ATGM AKERON missle, the missle being the akeron in this case lol