High Tier Battle should get cruise missile for the Nuke

With the addition of not needing to die to get into the nuke plane, i think it would make more sense to have a controllable cruse missile to end the match. Its still able to be shot down so you can still stop the nuke from happening but would be a little extra fun for the person winning the nuke. You can also have a anti cruise missile badge added for people who were able to shoot it down. What do you all think of this idea?


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IDK, seems like they’d be too much of a pain to shoot down.

Cruise missiles tend to have very low signature, both visual and radar cross-section, especially the Storm Shadow.

There has to be some kind of counter play, and I don’t think the SPAA we have in game would stand a chance against most of these.

I think I’d rather see more capable nuke-carrying aircraft added, with actual countermeasures this time. It sucks to be defenseless against even one all-aspect AAM.

Well as long as they are the subsonic versions i think it may balance it out a bit?

That’s… quite an interesting suggestion.

As long as the missile is not Mach 2+,it can actually be doable. Sure, it’s smaller that the usual nuke plane at Top Tier,but it’s also bigger than the average nuke bomb,so overall the chance of hitting it is equal. Plus,in order to achieve the nuke,you either need to hit the ground with it (without being overly damaged) or press SPACE when at a certain altitude+angle.

It would be fun honestly

I do like the addition of needing to manually detonate the nuke. They can move the armed distance in a bit more as well since its a little bit more low observable than a fast moving jet to add a bit more balance as well.

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Its not a bad idea. I think though id want to start with picking better aircraft to be nuke carriers and allow for lofting of the nuke. At least a little bit.

It’s necessary,since nowadays you use SPACE to drop the bomb, that’s the only button you need to press.

If i’m an SPAA,i either destroy the nuke carrier before it reaches the battle,or i destroy the nuke mid-flight

With a cruise missile,the only target is the missile itself,so a player controlling it must have some sort of command to press in order to achieve utter victory, otherwise it would be unbalanced

Nah we should get nuclear tipped Scud launchers or Frog-7’s.

If they’ll ever add a nuclear SCUD,i’m gonna grind to the F-16 and F-15 only to do some inaccurate (no iraqi SCUD has nuclear warheads) SCUD hunting

I’d love some sort of Gulf War themed event. Iraqi players getting x5 rewards or something due to the tech gap.

A Gulf War event would have these teams
Team 1: USA,UK,France,Italy
Team 2: USSR,France (i’m not kidding lmao) and China

Team 1 can use the following vehicles:
F-14A and B
F-16 (all versions)
F-15A (semi-historical)
A-10A (sort of semi-historical)
Phantom FGR.2
Jaguar GR1A/A
Tornado GR1/F3/IDS (the main italian vehicle)
Buccaneer S2B
Mirage F1/F1CT
Mirage 2000CS-5 (semi-historical)
F-104G (the italian one,also semi-historical)
M3 Bradley
M551 Sheridan (semi)
M60A1 RISE (P)
M109A1 (both UK and USA, semi-historical)
M728 CEV
Chieftain Mk 5
Challenger Mk.2/3/DS
Centurion AVRE

Team 2 vehicles:
Mig-23M (semi)
Su-22M3 (semi)
Su-17 (semi)
Mirage F1/F1CT
Mi-24 (basically every variant)
T-55AM (as a sort of replacement for the Enigma)
Type-69/IIG (IIG is very semi-historical)

As you can see, it’s a bloodbath for team 2 lmao
EDIT:forgot the A-4E for team 1 (Kuwait used a variant) and the Strela for Team 2 (i’m not certain if Iraq ever had it,but considering the 9K33 is still not in the game,might as well give them a chance to fight all those planes)

you could just start your own thread instead of hijacking this one.

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Just need JP233

Sorry,when someone talks about the Gulf War my brain goes apes**t and starts annoying everyone eheh.

Me want to fly my Tornado really low only to use a banned weapon for destroying basically everything that is in contact with the ground.

So cluster bombs




This could be interesting. You could get a ship based release, and have a mini-game for the enemy trying to intercept it with another minigame like the arcade tanks air spawn…

This could be used to extend the game out a bit too.

Cluster bombs when theorised by the community as the “new ordnance” that Gaijin teased when the F-14B came out.

Those would be cool to add,but they’ll get the Napalm treatment: either too busted and nerfed to the ground,or too niche that are very very rarely used outside ARB

Hell no. Not because they’re too difficult to shoot down or anything, but because it completely removes the player from dropping the nuke. Cruise missiles have near zero manueverability and would just be pure point and click. Might as well just add an instant win button instead.
Instead, simply have faster and better nuclear aircraft for top tier, the Tornado IDS and Su-17M4 would be perfect.

Still would have been good to have. CBUs are the primary Anti-tank weapon of Tornados. Its annoying not to have them