High tier air rb airfield AAA underpowered

Does anyone else think that the High tier airfield aaa is severely under powered. I was playing the f104 and tried to return to base to land after being heavily damaged but was followed back by 3-4 enemies. one was killed off the rip by a missile but after that for the next 5 minutes until they finally killed me the missile defenses only missed/completely stopped firing and the guns at the airfield were nowhere near hitting any of them. had the base AAA actually done its job I would have been able to land and repair without issue.

Oh. So you had someone do to you what you 104 pilots do to everyone else? No sympathy.

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Skill issue

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Oh so you lost because you were outnumbered trying to land because you were shot to pieces and this should have been different?

You are entitled to return to base indefinitely when you don’t manage your fuel well or do silly stuff and get shot up?

For what reason? Especially, for what reason in a 104? lol

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