High BR difference in Air Sim

I had a question about TOS. Can my friend and I get banned if we mess around in sim just doing (for example) early Korean war era jets vs props. Idk what we’d use maybe f86 vs not the mig-15, but instead an I-15. or an su11 vs a f80+2 some silly shit like that. someone once told me that you could get banned for killing biplanes in jets in sim and i just wanted to know for sure before risking my 2k hour account.

Just make custom matches.

EDIT: I just seen your Reddit post about doing this to farm SL… 🤦‍♂️

This is against ToS, and you will be banned for it. It’s pathetic people like this that has ruined Sim rewards.


Ayo chill out. I have never done this. I was just tryna balance out making money since they nerfed sim.

Here’s some friendly advice to take full advantage of SimEC.

1. Play the objectives. You can rack up a lot of points killing bomber/attacker formations and surveillance aircraft. The A point captures create focal points for fighters to converge. Stick to playing objectives, and even a seemingly uneventful game can get you some good rewards in the end.

2. Bomb bases, not airfields. Base bombing nets you great rewards and contributes to the overall win for your team. It’s also much more survivable than attacking airfields, resulting in better rewards.

3. Always try to return to your airfield, never J out. Returning for landing gets you much better SL and RP rewards than Jing out. Even if it seems like it takes much longer to land, the bonuses for returning to the airfield make it worth it in the end.

So if THEY nerfed it (obviously intentional) and THEY make the TOS it should be clear, that this would be against the TOS, right?

Just don’t do it.
If you really want to reenact, use custom battles.
If you want to farm SL play AirRB or follow Warpig_'s great advice.

Why do they allow props in top tier ? Instead of banning people, wouldn’t be easy to set a maximum BR difference ? I mean, if it’s 10.3 the top you can enter, put the minimum at 8.3 or something …

Or the ban is for playing with a friend in the enemy team, and let him kill you and viceversa ?

How do you balance making money with your method?

It’s funny when I see Kamikazes outside of events, they are really ruining their reward in SL & RP, like if gaijin didn’t nerf enought the rewards in SB, and they want to make it even harder XD

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