Hidden RP changes

I realized with the new Sons of Atilla update that for me, a player who averages about 2500 to 3000 score per match, ground or air RB both, I still gain less than 10k RP a game. Even with a premium loaded, in this newest update I cannot seem to break the 10k barrier. Before this update literally a couple days ago I was getting 14k in ground RB and around 18-23k in each air RB game. They sneakily lowered the RP gain ALONG with the reduction in RP cost of most the vehicles. This seems to mainly effect players doing the best in the matches. So with that, even with the reduced RP cost of the vehicles, the grind seemingly takes even longer than before. This is absolutely absurd in my opinion how this has gone by most people. I think that people need to realize that Gaijin will never make the grind easier because they really do want you to buyout the game instead.

Keep in mind I have always played with a premium account for the last couple years and my grind has never felt as long as it has in this update

imagine my shock they pulled the old monkeys paw…


Exactly… I played with a 20% booster all day and still didn’t get over 15k a match in air RB, where I would previously get 30k…

I totally understand what you mean, i completely felt this way yesterday. I am not a big fan of the t72av turms but i play it occaisionally and having 23k rp left for the object 906 thanks to the update i was eager to get on the quick grind which wold have previously been about 2 games for me. However it took me over 2 hours for just 23k rp, althought i was losing most games thanks to 10.0 ussr it still seems absurd as i was averaging 5+ kill games and like i said, i genuinely thought it would be a 2 game grind.

I found out that they lowered the gain modifiers on all the vehicles, you can compare old and new stat cards, the multipliers are absurdly lowered from previous. When Gaijin promises to lower something, they in fact, lower EVERYTHING.

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wait is this true? im not saying youre wrong since this is totally a gaijin thing to do but could you show me a comparison. But either way what could we expect, cant hoping for too much around gaijin lmao

I would watch a Youtube video made from before the update, and compare it to a Youtube video made currently. When they review the top tier vehicles and show the stat cards you can see the average multiplier percentage has decreased. I also noticed it when I was testing in the DEV server.

I received over 14,000 in a Viggen C match today.
No change in reward earnings.

does anyone have any images of the old stat cards

from over a year ago to 9 hours ago

shit sorry i just realised in the top picture the guy has premium and in the bottom doesnt, either way its a change even if 100% is added onto it

to be fair with the repair cost changes a while back that could have affected it too

silver lion income appears to be higher anyway, rp is too

2.32x300% = 696% RP.
1.95x2x150% = 585% SL.

Both more than the previous.

It’s been one day dude, there were people complaining on Vidar after seeing it like five times in a hour since the update dropped and they were getting killed by it so they started complaining it’s too op or something.


maybe they just decreased the base amount you get when getting a kill?

the vidar problem is simple, just dont play around 7.7

There is no vidar problem, there is playerbase problem complaining on everything new they get killed by because they cannot understand how their glorious op vehicle could get killed by a new vehicle that shot a shell at their op glorious vehicle.

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Before Sons of Atilla, about 5 months ago

After. This is a 24% decrease in this vehicle’s RP gain. Both taken from no boosters and with premium account

my only complaint is why sweden got to see the k9 before japan did or any sort of korean sub tree, nothing really againt big HE launchers since they suffer in their own ways