Here is why map sizes are shrinking and will continue to shrink


I see nothing wrong with this.
Clearly a SIGNIFICANT part of the playerbase agrees with this.

Think of all the newbies getting killed from 3km away because they held W into an open field.


“It’s good that we have over 100 maps and a feature that allows people to blacklist maps they do not like”

Ah yes, not like it’s limited to like 1-2 maps and you also need premium to do more of them


“Feature that allows people to blacklist maps they do not like”

hahahaha, I also like jokes


It should be told to level 1 players who purchase top-level gift packages that if you have skill problems, you should learn instead of destroying the gaming experience of all veteran players


New map sizes aren’t shrinking; they are exclusively larger than legacy maps.
Legacy maps being trash due to old standards have been getting changes; a select few are sadly shrunk.

But yeah, large maps are good.
Inb4 small map lovers attack me.


I’ve seen an increase in both small maps and big maps, not sure if one of them more often than the other

why do you keep spamming for the devs to make maps smaller? It’s so weird you love tiny CQC maps so much


Thanks for admitting you hate large maps.

There’s never been pushback because they’ve never attempted to make one.
Large maps are better than small maps.

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thanks for admitting you hate large maps and love small maps and keep demanding the devs make maps smaller



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The player base interfering? Is Gaijin listening to player feed back a good thing or bad thing? They say they have 100 maps but we see ten if we are lucky.
They speak of diversity yet are killing diversity with every update.


We should stop the petty bickering and have both large and small maps, Open and urban maps. Maybe WT should just revert back to how it was a year ago ,turn off the bloody map ban and just let us all get on with it.


and a significant part of the playerbase disagrees with this.

So the logical step would be to have both, preferably in seperate matchmakers

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beginners should stay in level 1 rooms and play with level 1 tanks, rather than having them teach level 100 veterans how to fight


why are you attacking people just because they prefer large maps? its not on mate


you hate large maps

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in my personal opinion all maps should be at least the size of this one, i don’t know what made you think i prefer small maps, i hate them
then again, expecting you to use your brain was a bit of mistake on my part


Ah, yes, insult everyone that knows stuff.
Why should maps be arcadey in the opposite direction?
That map is within the limits of modern MBTs yes, however, that far exceeds cold war and WW2 tanks.
There needs to be balance.
Of course there should be 4x4km maps, just as there should be 1.5x1.5km maps as both are realistic.
There should also be map specific reward multipliers based exclusively on the size of the map.
Bigger maps grant more rewards.

Oh just so you know, I will immediately disregard any statement you make as incorrect and automatically assume the opposite is the case
I wouldn’t bother replying if I were you

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