Help on how to use the F-105D effectively

This is my first forum post here, and I’m a relatively experienced player in Air RB.

Recently, I unlocked the F105 with videos, reddit posts, and forum discussions seemingly saying the F105 was pretty good at delivering its payload to bases, but ever since I’ve started using it, I can’t really determine the best way to get to the enemy targets and release my load without me dying or being too late and not having anything to bomb. I have tried climbing to avoid the Su-25s with their R-60ms and it works but a harrier, F-4C, or a F-111 always beats me to the targets. When I fly low and hug the ground, I still get beaten to the targets and have to face fighters that dive on the other base rushers that are able to outrun me.

I just don’t know what to do at that point if I do survive and have nothing to bomb so I have to resort to bombing convoys and hopefully getting some sort of amount of sl and rp that can keep me progressing.

So what I am asking is am I doing something wrong? Is there a playstyle that works well for the thud?

Top tier with friends, ask CSA_Sniper43 why & how.

You can get good score grinding the convoys. You got that 20mm which will work on pretty much all the vehicles and light pillboxes. You can also use your aams to counter all aspect missles if you can get a lock on the missile before their motors runs out.

you really don’t have a place anymore, you’re better off skipping it and stuff like the su-17m2

what rank 7 American jet would you recommend then?

f5e, f4j. and f111a are all pretty good

For ground pound, a10 for sure.
For fighters, the f8e is nice and the f4c and f4e are good as long as you are not in full uptier.

use 20m of fuel and 2000 pound bombs, youll be light enough and the payload is enough to bomb one base and then you can switch to fighting (if you arent speared in the ass by a j35 or mig 21 smt)

I have been using it to grind the air star for the winter event. Take it into sim and just bomb bases. I take 14 750lb bombs as 7 are needed per base. The bombing can be a little hard to learn but you get some very easy sl/rp

you can always teamkill, since thats the only way you’re getting to a base, or play air sim.