Help for flyng during Tank Battle

(My English is not good)
After so long, I returned to War Thunder. I am surprised that in ARCADE Mode during the tank battle, at one point a plane appears (Not a bomber). During flight, I look towards the ground but each tank does not have a name. For the first time it appears like this and not like before. Has this been changed?
I hope your answer.
Regards from Paraguay.

Yes, they removed all the markers when you use a fighter in Ground Arcade Battles, but you can still see the markers when you use a bomber or attacker.
The names of the enemy players were removed from the markers years ago, you can only see type of tank and distance, and tank model as you get closer.

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Just to add that this is supposedly an improvement…fighters are supposed to engage enemy planes, not ignore them and go strafing…as this used to put a lot of pressure/risk on light armoured vehicles…

I personally asked for something like this…so i actually like it more now…fighters are less effective and have more motivation to do interceptions…

I know it is not perfect and won’t please everybody…just to point the reason why…

Have an eye on your surroundings - you can easily spot ground targets without markers. Watch for moving objects and / or gun fire, especially from machine guns. They’ll lead you to your target.

Don’t forget tho: your primary job is to escort bombers and attackers.

It’s far from perfect and still much worse than what we had a few years back. A much better solution and since we’re talking about Arcade would simply be to remove the tank type from the markers to ALL planes, that is the real issue with planes, the information that the current marker gives to pilots is a big advantage. Most attackers are simply “fighters” with rockets, they still get the info of tank type and can simply focus on light or open top tanks(when I see an SPG marker it’s a possible soft target, a quick check on the scoreboard to see which type of SPGs the enemy has and just find the easy ones to kill).

It’s still a better situation to light, open top tanks and to SPAAs to not have fighters see their markers but it seems that Gaijin prefered a complicated and confusing solution instead of the most simple and clear one.

In my opinion the solution for CAS would be to make it more expensive to spawn, keep markers for all planes but remove tank type from them, and fix the ridiculous and unbalanced spawning mechanic for planes. Getting bombers at a distance that you will never reach them on time or getting interceptors at guns reach as you spawn don’t help the thought of this game being manipulated to benefit a certain team or player.

In the past planes would spawn facing each other, there was always the chance to intercept enemy attackers/bombers, and there was always the chance to dodge interceptors or to kill them and protect your attackers/bombers if you were in the escort role. It was fair. Right now it’s like playing a casino, sometimes you’re lucky others not.

Not necessarily agree…not “much” worse for sure. Back in those days most players would headon into the enemy fighter…and then if the interceptor survived in good shape it would EVENTUALLY look for the bomber. I am assuming you would NOT do this (the headon) or would be above average on it…but the usual scenario was for the bomber to be intercepted LESS than presently. And players would mostly play headon and then strafe something…
The reason i say this is because i would headon all the time (i was never very good on dogfights) and more than 90% of the enemies would come headon with me :)
AGAIN…not perfect as it is…but at least now the bombers are getting intercepted a lot more as the interceptor sees the bomber FIRST and if close enough he will go for it …which is good for the tankers :)
And i think it is more fun/fair to “race to the intercept” than “head on and pray for the best”.

This i 100% agree, and was in fact what i suggested…but the powers that be decided otherwise.

Also agree…but not so sure if the solution was “tighter” would be better accepted…right now RNG is a factor and i dont see it being “rigged”…on same match i get good and bad placements…
If you remove RNG it would be hard to make it fair…i am assuming either fighters or bombers would be displeases with the “parameters”. That said…it does annoy me when i see i have zero chances to get to the bomber…

You probably thinking on situations where there was only one interceptor to several enemy planes, but most times there are several interceptors so even if one goes head on against an enemy fighter, the others can chase down the bomber/attacker freely. As it is now you may not even be able to reach the bomber/attacker cause some are faster than your interceptor or are too far to be stopped, or when you fly a bomber/attacker you may end with interceptors at gun’s reach and have no chance of surviving a few seconds. Still a head on always gives you a better chance than the current system.

You can’t say with 100% sure that it isn’t also. That RNG is one of the biggest problems with this whole mechanic and why it can cause a unbalanced match even more unbalanced.