Help fix ghost lobbies bug please

Please go to my bug report and comment or press the “I have the same issue” button so it get noticed by the mods and devs.

If you dont know what this bug is, it doesnt matter if you play EC you will have come across it many many times without even realizing. Have you ever joined a game thats full of people but when you actually load into the match there is maybe 1 or 2 others there, thats this bug.

This bug bug is the PRIME example showing how little time Gajijn puts into sim, being fuck all. This bug has been around before and “fixed”. It has been known to the community for a long time and frankly isnt something that the players should have to point out, you would think the game loading 2 matches for one single lobby is something that would get noticed if someone was actually paying attention over at Gajijn.

Merry christmas.

Try to spam them every few days during working hours that is how i got them to fix Etendard IVM takeoff bug i opened bug report like 4 times 4th time it was noticed.